Finally, Personalized Comparison Charts For Pet Health Insurance

Nov 19, 2020

Pawlicy Advisor’s personalized pet insurance comparison charts are a step up from the norm and help pet owners find transparency in coverage details and lifetime costs. Read on to learn more.

Earlier today, the pet insurance marketplace recommended by veterinarians, Pawlicy Advisor, announced the release of their personalized Pet Insurance Comparison Charts – it’s a new tool that gives pet owners instant personalized comparison charts of top providers.

“We wanted to deliver true value with our comparison charts. Anyone familiar with the Pet Insurance market will probably have noticed how most comparative views show only top-level details and aggregated reviews. This is a problem because a lot of pet owners are left without the info they need to make a good decision about which plan is best for their pet,” said Edwin Plotts, Director of Marketing at Pawlicy Advisor.

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Pawlicy Advisor’s comparison charts will instead give an in-depth look at top pet insurance providers’ coverage details side-by-side and allow pet owners to see custom personalized versions that highlight lifetime pricing differences based on their unique pet. Pawlicy Advisor chose to make this move because pet owners need much greater detail to understand what coverage and pricing options are best for their pet’s breed-specific health risks, age, location, and more.

“We want to give our customers more transparency. With Pawlicy Advisor’s pet insurance comparison charts, they can feel more confident that they’re getting the right coverage at the best price – and hopefully less overwhelmed by all the pet insurance options out there.”

Pawlicy Advisor is the first pet insurance marketplace recommended by veterinarians, and has been in business for a little over 1 year, aiming to make sure people can afford to take care of their pets.

Here a few instant examples from top companies (you’ll notice the pricing and coverage scores require an free analysis of your pet):

Pets Best vs ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Pets Best vs Petplan

Petplan vs ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

This isn’t the first time Pawlicy Advisor has put the pet owner’s (and their pet’s) interests first. Most insurance websites negotiate different commission amounts with each partner, meaning they have a bias to recommend one over another. Because Pawlicy Advisor makes sure they get paid the same amount, regardless of which cat insurance or dog insurance provider pet owners go with, they’re able to provide unbiased, data-driven, recommendations that help people save time and money.

Personally, I love that.

For more information on how to compare pet insurance, check out their guide on How To Compare Pet Insurance Providers, Evaluate Top Plans, & Find The Best Policy At The Best Price

Ready to see your personalized quote comparisons? Get started here.

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