Fight Your Addiction With Sound Healing Therapy Podcast For Better Recovery

Jul 29, 2021

Are you on your road to recovery from an addiction? The latest sound healing podcast by Danielle Jeune of Finding Your Inner Phoenix may just be what you need to hear right now.

You are stronger than your addiction – you ALWAYS were. You just needed the push to move out of the ashes and transform into a phoenix.

Danielle Jeune of Finding Your Inner Phoenix announces her latest podcast on healing from alcoholism. The former Family Nurse Practitioner now turned inspirational speaker talks about the effects of trauma in addiction and how you can find healing.

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The newly released podcast provides support for recovering alcoholics or family members of alcoholics. Danielle says that addiction is often a physical manifestation of a repressed emotion or an unaddressed trauma, and encourages you to find the strength to battle your inner demons. The goal, she says, is to rediscover the courage to transform into your inner phoenix.

Current data shows that almost 20 million Americans suffer from a form of addiction, yet only 10% receive the necessary treatment for it. Experts say that this may be caused by a lack of accessibility to treatment centers and more people not being able to afford medical therapy.

Danielle says that she understands the predicament that most addicts face, and talks about the therapeutic benefits of sound therapy in addiction recovery. She says that the alternative healing treatment can rebalance the brain so that other health therapies become more effective.

This is what differentiates Finding Your Inner Phoenix from other podcasts. Danielle sings a different song for each episode and incorporates various sound healing to help you overcome adversity and your own trauma.

There are medical studies that support this. Sound healing has been seen to reduce levels of anxiety and depression in most people and may encourage the production of certain brain hormones among addicts. This, Danielle emphasizes, is important for those on their recovery journey.

Typically, recovering addicts relapse because their brain signals a lack of a certain hormone in their brain. People then crave the substance of their choice just to feel “normal”. It is a vicious cycle that sound healing may potentially break.

With the release of her latest podcast, Danielle continues her mission of providing a compassionate ear for those in their self-recovery journey while offering sound healing for all.

Danielle is available for speaking engagements around the country.

Remember: you are everything you need to recover from this. You ARE strong. You ARE capable. You CAN overcome all the challenges before you.

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