Fight Skin Conditions Caused By Pollution With Natural Bio-Oxidative Spray

Nov 23, 2022

Does CO2 air pollution cause your skin to become inflamed and break out in acne? Would you like a natural means of combating air pollution and promoting your skin’s healing? IAmOxygen’s Rejuvenator spray is the solution you need!

Fight Skin Conditions Caused By Pollution With Natural Bio-Oxidative Spray

If you’ve noticed more damage and inflammation to your skin with the increase in global CO2 emissions, you need something to counteract the rise in air pollution and its impact on your body. That’s why IAmOxygen released its bio-oxidative Rejuvenator facial spray, a concentrated oxygen mist.

The Rejuvenator spray provides you with an all-natural and non-toxic alternative for healing your skin by boosting its natural processes and promoting cell repair.

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IAmOxygen has designed its spray for both portability and ease of use, with an average of 1000 sprays in each 118ml bottle and an in-built spray dispenser for its clarifying mist.

While global CO2 emissions saw a slight decrease during the recent pandemic, figures for 2021 saw levels return to the previous year’s highs, with experts predicting a continuing rise for 2022 and beyond. If you live in a high-pollution area, you may find that your skin becomes inflamed more often, with the effects of aging and conditions such as acne exacerbated. IAmOxygen gives you a means of combating the effect of CO2 pollution on your skin with their concentrated oxygen Rejuvenator spray.

As the spray is made of organically sourced, non-toxic, and pH-balanced oxygen, the product harnesses the natural antibacterial effect of reactive oxygen species compounds. This bio-oxidative solution is able to cleanse and hydrate your skin while repairing any damage and restoring its elasticity.

The Rejuvenator spray is also suitable if you are looking to soothe irritated skin, reduce associated pain, and promote the healing of skin injuries caused by sunburn, bites, stings, and abrasions.

With a 2-year shelf life, the Rejuvenator spray is an ideal addition to a home’s medicine cabinet or best used as part of your everyday carry.

IAmOxygen’s product range also includes their oxygen-based nasal Defender spray which can reduce the risk of airborne pollutants by cleaning and moisturizing your airways, as well as an Infusion concentrate that can be added to water or taken as drops to boost your body’s blood-oxygen levels.

A recent user of the Rejuvenator spray said, “I started using this product for my acne problem. It reduced inflammation and redness and within weeks I had clear skin.”

Reduce the impact of CO2 pollution on your skin with the all-natural bio-oxidative Rejuvenator spray.

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