Fairview Landscaping Expert Offers Retaining Walls & French Drains Installation

Apr 15, 2024

Summer’s coming! Ready to get your yard in tip-top shape? Keathley Landscaping (972-904-9659) in Fairview offers expert yard drainage, French drain installation, retaining walls, and beautiful landscape design for homes and businesses!

Imagine you and your family enjoying your beautifully landscaped and structurally sound yard this summer. Now, imagine not having to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into yard care!

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The Deal With Drainage

Keathley Landscaping is an NDS Certified Drainage Contractor and its expert team provides needed support to homeowners and business owners in the Fairview area.

Flooding is a regular risk in Fairview since many of its homes and businesses were built in the 100-year flood plain, making yard drainage important for both property preservation and safety.

Part of the company's yard drainage service is the installation of French drains, also called rock drains or trench drains. This sub-surface drain is specifically designed to prevent groundwater from penetrating and damaging the foundation of nearby houses or buildings. So, you can rest assured that your home won't get sucked into a sinkhole!

Keathley Landscaping can also install a French drain to relieve the pressure from groundwater against a retaining wall, which is another fixture its team specializes in installing.

Retaining Walls & Beauty

For both residential and commercial clients, Keathley Landscaping can build a custom retaining wall to provide essential structure for a yard that is also visually pleasing.

Retaining walls are crucial for yards with steep terrains or those that sit at a higher elevation than the street. With Keathley Landscaping, you can prevent erosion and stabilize the soil in your yard even during heavy rain or flooding, for greater peace of mind.

Along with its various flood-protection services, Keathley Landscaping also offers custom landscape design solutions to improve the appearance of your yard.

You can work with the company's team to design the yard of your dreams, including flowerbeds, stonework borders and fences, water features, decks, patios, outdoor lighting fixtures, and more!

About Keathley Landscaping

Since 2002, Keathley Landscaping has provided landscape design and installation services to the communities of Fate, Murphy, Parker, Lucas, and Fairview, Texas. The company offers affordable rates and fast turnaround times on all landscaping, installation, and tree-trimming projects. Keathley Landscaping's website features a photo gallery that showcases its vast project portfolio for you to view the quality of its work.

Learn more and start making your dream yard a reality with Keathley Landscaping today by visiting https://keathleylandscaping.com/

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