Order Rental Shipping Containers From Anywhere In The US With This Service

Apr 30, 2024

The humble shipping container is turning into a commercial and household hero! Get flexible rental and purchase options when you partner with Conexwest, experts in best-in-class shipping container solutions.

You don't need to be in the construction or import/export industries to benefit from the many applications shipping containers offer. Maybe you're an entrepreneur or business owner looking for affordable retail space, pop-up space, or a cool new location for your bar, restaurant, or yoga studio.

Forget about high-priced commercial leasing options and instead rent or buy a shipping container at Conexwest. Pay thousands less per month, custom-design your interiors, and choose your own location! Partner with Conexwest for the largest selection on the market, and let's put your dollars to their best use.

Find the right shipping container for your needs, at https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container

At Conexwest, you get shipping containers galore, available for rent or purchase in standard, insulated, and portable office dimensions. And if what you need is cold storage, you'll find that too in their refrigerated and freezer containers.

Choose from sizes ranging from 10’ to 45’ and enjoy your cool, cost-efficient, secure unit which Conexwest will deliver to you directly, no matter where in the US you're located. If you're renting, once you're done with your shipping container Conexwest will come and pick it up. You don't need to lift a finger.


Not all companies that require a shipping container are prioritizing the same criteria. Some may need a one-time use or short-term rental option. Others need their shipping container for the foreseeable future. Sometimes the exterior of the container matters - if it’s in a high-visibility area with company branding, for example - and sometimes the container simply needs to store or transport cargo.

Browse a full line of container options to get inspired. No matter your sector or your home-based requirements, you have a convenient, one-stop online shop in Conexwest.


The term “shipping” container can be considered somewhat of a misnomer since these units meet all types of personal and business needs. While construction may be the industry relying on shipping containers the most, they can also be used as retail stores, coffee shops, pop-up shops, workshops or studios, restaurants and bars, art galleries, educational facilities, yoga studios, and more.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals can opt for a shipping container for extra space, cost-effective storage, enhanced security, mobility, flexibility, and better prices compared to commercial real estate leasing. In fact, even Starbucks has turned to shipping containers for use as portable, eco-friendly, mini cafes.


Conexwest offers shipping containers in standard, custom, or high cube sizes with different access options: doors on the side, doors at one end, doors at either end, your choice. Units for purchase are available in new, used, and refurbished conditions.

All containers are made to withstand every type of weather condition and can be customized by Conexwest to provide enhanced utility, should you need it.

Since shipping container rental and purchase costs vary, you can input your details at the costing portal on the Conexwest website for transparent, upfront, immediate pricing.

Can't you just see it now? Your unique, totally eco-friendly, portable, and mobile office, shop, gallery, bistro, or studio, where and when you want it, and without any yearly leasing commitments. Contact Conexwest now to brainstorm your options. 

Learn more and browse the inventory at https://www.conexwest.com/rent-storage-container

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