Conexwest Shipping Containers: Get Fast Ground Delivery On New & Used Units

Apr 16, 2024

At Conexwest (855-878-5233), you’ll find the perfect shipping container solution. Whether you want to rent or buy, they have the US’ highest-quality units, the best custom fabrication options, and fastest delivery.

If you’re looking for certified top-quality shipping containers made to your exact specifications and a company that offers genuinely good customer service, you want Conexwest.

Go to to see why this company is the US’ most trusted nationwide shipping container supplier.

A Shipping Container For Every Need

Conexwest can offer you access to AWS Certified in-house fabricated shipping containers for your short-term, long-term, or recurring rental needs, or for purchase.

Whether you have shipping or storage needs, or both, Conexwest is confident that they can offer you a shipping container solution.

Conexwest also offers a vast selection of mobile offices, specialty containers like storage containers, and cold storage and freezer containers, which you can again select for both rental and purchase.

Rental & Purchase Options For Top ISO Containers

Conexwest has containers between 10ft and 45ft in size for you, with cold storage and insulated options available in all sizes. They begin their rentals with a standard 4-week period, and you can take advantage of discounted pricing for longer-term rentals or recurring rental agreements.

Even at the base level for a standard ISO shipping container, the suppliers can bring you a vast variety of styles, dimensions, and configurations, with options for side-opening containers, dual-opening containers, open soft-top containers, roll-up door containers, and more.

Have A Shipping Container Fabricated Just For You

As Conexwest fabricates all of its containers in-house, they can also fabricate a new container or containers to your exact specifications. You’ll appreciate that they can do the complete interior and exterior fit-out. This includes:

  • windows,
  • doors,
  • drywall or paneling,
  • insulation,
  • electrical,
  • flooring,
  • HVAC,
  • storage shelves,
  • desks,
  • security locks, and more.

A spokesperson for the shipping container suppliers said, “Through our groundbreaking and exhaustive fabrication process, we maintain the highest standards of production and quality assurance to ensure that each storage container is durable, secure, and leakproof. Whether you need shipping or storage containers regularly or you are seeking a temporary rental unit, Conexwest aims to provide you with top-of-the-line new and used shipping and storage products at an affordable price.”

Quality & Customer Service That Can’t Be Beat

As Conexwest has offices and technicians across the country, they are confident they can deliver the same high standard of customer service wherever your business is located. They back up both their new and used containers with a 10 and 5-year warranty, respectively.

They can do ground delivery to any site in the US and are committed to having the shortest lead time in the industry for both rentals and purchases. You’ll love their fast delivery and even quicker offloading!

If you’re thinking about containers, make it Conexwest.

Go to to find the shipping container solution that meets your needs.

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