Business Labeling Solutions: Industrial Direct Thermal Labels For Transportation

Apr 30, 2024

Need a custom labeling solution for your business? No matter what industry you’re in, ID Images has you covered. Contact one of their label experts to learn more about the kinds of industrial labels they offer!

If you’ve ever wondered whether there was a one-stop shop for all of your labeling needs, you’ve found it! ID Images fits the description to a T! They’re capable of offering you labels that can be used for transportation, food and beverages, healthcare, electronics, and any other industry you can think of. Say goodbye to the long days and nights you’d spend keeping track of all of your different suppliers; ID Images can do it all!

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Labels for Everything

Let’s get right to what ID Images can offer you. Their extensive product line includes their direct thermal labels, which are recommended for shipping labels and product identification. They also offer RFID labels and integrated labels, which are suitable for accurate inventory management and invoicing, respectively. 

Need a more durable option? You can opt for thermal transfer labels; these are capable of withstanding a range of harsh conditions and are widely used across different industries. To complement them, consider purchasing thermal transfer ribbons for added longevity and higher-quality prints.

And of course, you’re not limited to just the industries listed. ID Images’ labels can be used for pretty much everything!

Buy Stock Labels or Customize

The beauty of working with ID Images is that they can give you whatever you need - all you have to do is ask. As part of their customization services, ID Images can provide you with various inkjet media types, including matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and 3.5 mil matte synthetic; each type will be ideal for certain environments and uses. 

If you need something even more specific, you can also order custom specialty labels; ID Images will fulfill requests for high-temperature usage, chemical resistance, and waterproof products, among other options. 

As ID Images is committed to sustainability, all of their labels are manufactured from recyclable materials with processes that reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, their products are designed to be compatible with most software and printer brands, eliminating the need for you to acquire new technology to use them. You can throw them into your printer fresh out of the box and get your labels right away! Isn’t that convenient? 

Got any other inquiries? ID Images is happy to help. Just contact one of their label experts! They’ll work together with you to find the solution you need.

The Trusted Provider of Labeling Solutions

ID Images is one of the top providers of labeling solutions in North America. Since its founding, the company has acquired other brands with similar visions, furthering its goal of helping its clients reduce their expenses and save time.

“We understand the unique challenges faced by our distribution partners who require durable, reliable, and customized labeling solutions,” says a website representative. “We are a trusted leader in the industry, providing top-notch labeling solutions that empower businesses to communicate effectively, enhance brand visibility, and streamline operations.”

If you want a better idea of the quality you’ll be working with, feel free to request a sample kit, and ID Images will send you one completely free of charge! You can also ask them for a quote once you’ve gotten a feel for what you need. But no matter what, you’re guaranteed the best prices for the best quality! That’s a great deal, right?

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