Facilitate Company Growth With AI In 2024: Service Lifecycle Management Guide

Jan 19, 2024

Did your company have tight profit margins last quarter? Blumberg Advisory Group has put together a whitepaper on Service Lifecycle Management, showing organizations how to deliver higher quality service at lower costs.

Service Lifecycle Management is an evolving, dynamic field that has significant impact on a company's profit margins. In light of this, Blumberg Advisory Group released "Redefining Service Excellence", a whitepaper that takes clients through the ever-changing landscape of SLM, from customer support and field service management to automation and AI, offering insights on how organizations can maximize the value of their assets.

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Service Lifecycle Management As A Strategic Profit Center

Blumberg Advisory Group is a pioneer in helping organizations manage service as a strategic profit center, aiming to keep its clients up to date on technological innovations and the most efficient operational processes. With its whitepaper on SLM, the research and consulting firm presents a new avenue for clients to increase their service revenue.

According to IFS, SLM is crucial for organizations to maximize asset uptime, extend asset life, provide sustainable service, increase efficiency, and more.

Transform Your Organization's Approach To SLM

With knowledge and foresight from an executive roundtable of industry heavyweights, including IBM and Dell, "Redefining Service Excellence”, gives organizations a comprehensive, practical guide for developing SLM processes.

The whitepaper delves into current SLM trends in a nuanced manner, addressing the industry-wide shift towards integrating advanced technology with customer-centric approaches. Sponsored by IFS, the whitepaper also heavily features commentary from Sarah Nicastro, Vice President of Customer Advocacy at IFS and an authority on SLM best practices, who discusses the importance of digital transformation and AI in revolutionizing service strategies.

About Blumberg Advisory Group

Blumberg Advisory Group is a research and consulting firm that boasts expertise in a wide range of vertical markets. With strategic guidance and tactical advice, the firm continues to help organizations reach their full potential.

“We believe that optimum strategies need to be developed based upon careful, objective, and professional analysis, and evaluation of the marketplace, competition, internal resources, and future trends built on hard data and evidence,” said a spokesperson for the firm.

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