Expense Savings Tool For Law Firms Helps Lower Operating Costs & Bills Fast

Apr 9, 2024

Recession Resister has the tools and expertise your law firm needs to reduce your overhead costs and boost your profits. Their no-save, no-pay bill auditing and negotiating service is sure to save you time and money.

With Recession Resister and Bill Saver for law firms, their new specialized proprietary bill auditing platform, you can expect to lower your firm’s operating costs by as much as 30%.

Now that’s a saving to get excited about. Go to https://recessionresister.com/ to find out more.

Is Your Cost Base Rising?

Recession Resister has been tracking the financial performance legal industry, and as a recent article from Penn Carey Law, the law school of the University of Pennsylvania indicated, profit margins have been falling in the legal industry since 2021. As Penn Carey Law explained, this fall is a reaction to a decrease in industry demand and the hovering threat of an economic recession, coupled with a continued increase in the cost base for law firms. 

As such, their team of highly experienced financial auditors and expense managers believe now is the time for your firm to evaluate your cost base and cut down unnecessary overheads.  

Reduce Your Bills & Overheads

Recession Resister will focus on lowering your main bills and overheads by auditing prior bills for any overcharges or errors in your favor and by negotiating for both a better rate and a better plan. 

Recession Resister offers both a quick and no-save, no-pay contingency service, whereby your firm simply submits your bills and then waits for their team of auditors and bill negotiators to find a better rate. 

A spokesperson for the expense managers said, “Your bill should typically be negotiated within a week of uploading it. Savings typically go into effect on your next billing cycle. You will be provided with an online account to track the status of each bill you send us and we will keep you informed every step of the way.” 

Become More Financially Sustainable

Recession Resister appreciates that if you’re outside of the world of top-tier firms and the prestigious corporate sector, if you run a smaller law firm, if you are heavily dedicated to pro bono work, social justice causes and/or affordable representation... or if you just don’t have a Harvey Specter in your midst who is routinely bringing in millions... you need to lower your costs in order to become more financially sustainable and profitable. 

Their spokesperson added, “The goal of every business is to take in more money than you spend. We reduce your costs automatically so you can focus your time and your funds on ways to generate revenue. Let us save you money while you focus your energy on generating more money. It’s a win-win.” 

While you worry about winning cases, let Recession Resister worry about the rest.

Visit https://recessionresister.com/ to see how Bill Saver for law firms can help your firm reduce your cost base and maximize your savings potential.

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