Expense Management Platform For Real Estate Agents Reduces Bills & Overheads

May 8, 2024

Recession Resister is proud to be helping US realtors save on their bills with their powerful expense management platform and smart bill auditing and negotiation service.

If you’re a realtor who is looking to reduce financial waste by cutting down your monthly bills and utilities, you’ll be sold on Recession Resister in one second flat!

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Choose Recession Resister For Budget Sustainability

Recession Resister’s expense management program has been developed to help you minimize what you spend on common bills like electricity, water, cellphone, internet, security, and more, across both your personal and professional accounts.

The expense managers who created Recession Resister know that as a real estate agent, you work on a commission basis, which makes your earnings variable. If you are also a self-employed sole trader, they know this makes you even less protected from market volatility or industry downturns.

That’s why they are committed to helping you both reduce your monthly outgoings and overheads and bring a greater sense of stability and predictability to your budget with their incredible bill management tool.

Lower Your Bills, Overheads & Expenses

Recession Resister’s services involve a simple but comprehensive bill auditing and bill negotiation process. As the expense managers who work for the firm analyze bills for a living, they can immediately spot errors and overcharges in your utility bills that they can get refunded to you.

As a representative for the bill auditors explained, over 80% of American families and companies today are both being routinely overcharged by their providers and are paying for errors made by these providers.

What this means is that, if you’re a sole trader, you may be being stung twice for both your personal and professional accounts. But, more positively, this also means that you stand to save double the amount with Recession Resister’s help!

Recession Resister will negotiate with your providers to get the best possible rate for you. Plus, they also have innovative savings programs like their energy auto-switching service, which are perfect for you if you want to be sure you’re always paying the cheapest rate on the market for your service.

The Best Expense Management Platform In The US

The expense managers are also currently inviting you to take advantage of their no-save, no-pay promise. If the bill auditors at Recession Resister cannot save you any money, they will not charge any fee for their time.

One happy realtor said, “Recession Resister saved me over $1,500 on my electricity, my cable and my cellphone bills. So I couldn’t be happier. I’m able to take that money and reinvest that into my business to help me expand.”

Another real estate agent who has started using the expense management platform said, “I thought I was pretty good at negotiating my own bills, but I submitted three bills and Recession Resister saved for me more than $1,700! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by using their services.”

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