Examples of the Various Personal Injury Cases Taken on by the D’Amato Law Firm

Dec 8, 2020

Examples of the personal injury cases the D’Amato Law Firm has resolved or are currently active.

By Alexa D’Amato Barrera, Esq.

It’s a small world, isn’t it? And the older we get the larger the circle of people we know expands. That’s why the D’Amato Law Firm does not publish the cases we settle and for how much they settle. Boasting our verdicts and settlements touts our firm but at the expense of our clients’ privacy so we just don’t do it. We are honored to represent our clients to their satisfaction and most of the referrals to our office come from word of mouth from clients we have successfully represented.

Instead of touting our verdicts here are some examples of cases that we either have recently resolved or that are active now in our office. I am using the female gender for all of these cases.

Product Liability

Our client borrowed her friend’s battery charger which exploded in her pocket causing severe burns to her leg and lower torso.

The frame of our client’s bicycle cracked causing a severe fracture to our client’s leg which required surgery. Our expert found the bicycle was negligently manufactured.

Fall down

Our client fell down a set of stairs at a condominium breaking her foot, which required surgery with a plate and screws. It was the first time she went down those stairs. Our expert opines that the stairs were not built to code.

Our client was leaving a store when she fell breaking her hip. Our expert inspected the threshold and found it was broken and not to code.

Our client was a carpenter working on top of the third floor of a home construction job when a gust of wind carried him and a piece of plywood that he was carrying off the roof 30 feet to the ground. The homeowners were acting as general contracts and were aware of the exceedingly high winds that day and insisted work proceed.

Auto Crashes

Our client sustained herniated discs and a shoulder injury in a car crash. We learned through investigation that the responsible driver was working for Uber at the time of the crash.

The driver of an oncoming car was looking at her cell phone and crossed the double yellow line hitting our client’s car head on. Our client lost consciousness and was helicoptered to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken leg and a facial laceration that ultimately scarred.

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle at an intersection that was turning left. Another car ran a red light causing our client to sustain a severe comminuted fracture of her upper arm requiring surgery with a significant keloid scar.

Our client was hit from behind at an intersection. She had neck surgery just 1 year prior. When our client came to us she was really concerned her neck was reinjured. Ultimately her neck was fine, but her shoulder had a tear that required surgery.

Dog Bites

Our client was at her friend’s house when their dog attacked our client from behind requiring surgery with plates and screws.

Negligent Construction

A mantle came off the wall hitting our client’s child in the face and head. The mantle was not properly designed or constructed.

While our client was working, someone other than her employer threw something off the roof injuring our client who had a prior back surgery.

Negligent Supervision

A teacher developed a relationship of an inappropriate nature with our client’s child causing significant psychological trauma.

Public Entity Lawsuits

Our client’s spouse was walking along the shoreline in ankle deep water when the beach collapsed and he was tragically killed. Discovery proved the lifeguards knew that the waters would significantly erode away the beach causing cave-ins.

Our client was riding her bicycle on the street, which unbeknownst to her had a massive pothole which was filled with water. She went flying over her handlebars sustaining serious permanent injuries. The neighbors had written numerous letters to the City alerting them to the dangerous condition that could not be seen after it rained and the significant danger it posed to cyclists.

Thank you to our clients for their trust and faith in all of the staff at the D’Amato Law Firm. For more information visit https://damatolawfirm.com/ or call 609-926-3300.

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