Evidence-Based K-12 SEL Curriculum Promotes Mental Health & Supports Students

Nov 15, 2022

A revolutionary SEL developer incorporates hope in its learning materials – creating better educational resources for kids across the US.

Evidence-Based K-12 SEL Curriculum Promotes Mental Health & Supports Students

Recent figures show that 20% of teenagers are likely to experience mental health problems in any year - and over half of long-term mental health conditions are established by the age of 14. And while early education plays a crucial role in this regard, traditional curricula neglect mental health.

But new voices in the SEL space are building change - one activity at a time.

Leading SEL curriculum developer Hope Rising offers SEL curricula with a new focus on the mental health of K-12 students. The age-appropriate activities empower educators to promote positive attitudes and foster essential socio-emotional skills.

Aware of the importance of early education for mental health, Hope Rising creates SEL curricula based on the latest research on the impact of hope on optimal cognitive and emotional development.

The “My Best Me” approach to SEL consists of a series of flexible lessons that aim to build bridges between students, educators, families, and the larger communities. By activating multiple social factors involved in child development, the activities promote optimal social integration and reduce the risks associated with social isolation and a lack of communication.

The five core concepts of Hope curricula - identity, health, community, environment, and economy - offer a framework that you can adapt to the needs of your students. The activities can also be integrated in other school subjects to foster better learning, increased openness, and better overall academic performance.

“The My Best Me curriculum contributes to the mental health and well-being of students while enhancing their social and emotional competencies,” explained a company spokesperson. “Our unique approach develops the psycho-social skills of students through age and grade appropriate strategies that will help build adaptive and positive behavior.”

About Hope Rising

Hope Rising is a non-profit committed to creating evidence-based SEL resources for K-12 students, with a particular focus on the importance of hope on healthy development.

“Our efforts stem from a calling to support educators as they provide K-12 students the psycho-social skills for adaptive and positive behavior, enabling them to effectively deal with the challenges of everyday life. This prepares our students to become healthy and productive citizens, prospering mentally, physically, socially, and financially,” explained the company.

With SEL scientifically proven to offer benefits in addressing mental health problems in students, implementing it into your teaching practices is essential.

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