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Jul 14, 2021

Cromwells Wallington estate agents value my home service know that achieving the best price for your house sale can be a minefield and cause a lot of uncertainty. This free professional house valuation advice aims to help you navigate a smooth passage and achieve your ideal outcome when selling your home in Wallington.

Cromwells Wallington estate agents reveal value my home secrets and property valuation tips.

Thinking it’s time to sell your home? 

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Achieving the best price for your house when selling can seem like a minefield. This advice aims to help you navigate the best possible outcome.

This is where you can discover the insider knowledge on and best tips for pricing your property and securing a sale.

One of the biggest questions and most difficult choices to make when selling your home is calculating the best price for securing a sale.

Do you go for a higher price and maybe hit gold? A higher price can also mean your home could take longer to sell. It might eventually result in a decreased price.

When it comes to valuing your home, you may have some rough idea of its worth. Maybe you have looked at what comparable homes have recently sold for in your local area?

If you go for a lower price, it can mean swift attention from buyers and if well priced, you might start a bidding battle. The downside is that you may receive less than you were hoping for.

Value My Home gives you the confidence to know that your home will fetch the best value in the current market conditions.

Are You Ready To Sell?

This is where solid expert advice from local professional valuation experts will pay big dividends.

Seeking expert valuation advice from Cromwells Wallington local estate agents is a great move.

We have a wealth of experience. The other thing we do have is an insight and understanding that let’s us understand what house buyers are looking for in their home purchase.

Add in our up to the minute knowledge on the local housing and property market and the benefits of using our value my home service become very obvious

Free Value My Home Service

Our house valuation service is totally free and an appointment can be reserved via Cromwells Wallington Estate Agents website.

Just complete the simple form. The next step will be arranging a face-to-face appointment with you. 

Let’s Talk About The Insider Knowledge

Selling prices are established by appraising a number of elements. Our home valuation experts will consider all features of the property, things like

·        the number and size of bedrooms

·        size of garden and garage

·        any unique property features

·        local facilities such as recreation and transport 

·        school area catchment. 

·        local market knowledge will also come into play. 

Amanda Crowson, one of the proprietors of Cromwells Wallington Estate Agents says the whole situation must be assessed for the specific property being valued.

“Many people buying a property are looking at its ‘homely’ value and how it will fit with the needs of their family”.

She comments that, “A component of the home valuation is pretty specific in that certain rules are applied. This will be things like assessments based around cost per square foot. That is just one factor. We have the extra psychological drivers. For example, how busy the roads become during rush hour. What kind of views does the property have? What is the general ambiance?”

Crowson feels that a great start with a competitive price will be reflected by interest shown when the house is new to the market. “This is when buyers get most excited with new properties”. 

“Ideally if two or more buyers show interest, it is at this stage the price might be moved upwards. Buyers will begin to offer increased bids in the hope of securing the property. Starting with a higher price may mean the property does not attract the same interest levels and that means you never get into the position where two or more buyers are making improved bids on the property”. 

“The other consideration is your own moving strategy. Are you in a rush? Do you need a quick move? Another factor is your chain? This can affect your decisions because it can add pressure to negotiations. Are you looking to move up or move down the housing ladder? Such dynamics can all affect your decisions”.

Cromwells co-owner Sam Watson gave his view. “Matching the property features to as many of the boxes that a buyer is looking to tick. Get this right and a deal can quickly be negotiated. I have often found that the highest sale price can be gained by knowing who will be an ideal buyer”

“Experience shows me that getting the balance of all these varying factors is the key to a successful valuation and sale”. 

Some further advice offered revolves around the questions to ask your estate agent. 

Two Great Questions To Ask Your Value My Home Expert

1 What price is most likely to really generate the most interest from buyers in my house?

2 What’s the best and highest possible price my home could sell for?

Ultimately securing a sale will depend upon your ideal buyer being shown your property. If they never get to see it, the sale will not happen. That is where a great professional estate agent earns their money. Knowing the market, the suitable properties and matching them to the ideal buyers. Having a virtual tour experience for home buyers in Wallington will mean more interest in your property and more chance of a sale at the price you want.

 A Summary of Benefits Using Value My Home

·         Your very own dedicated value my home professional valuation expert

·         Cromwells Local Property Experts will constantly promote your property, ensuring your residence meet its real selling potential.

·         Obtain the very best house sale price

·         Years of local valuation experience

·         Find the ideal buyer and Cromwells Wallington Estate Agents will work with you to obtain the best price possible

·         It’s totally free!


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