Ensure Success For Your Business Sales Funnel Books Launched Tips A/B Testing For Getting More Customers

Dec 27, 2016

Get expert tips and advice on running your business and setting up a site that sells, including how to set up sales funnels that get across the meaning of your products in the best way and attract customers in the new books launched by Russell Brunson.

  • ensure success for your business sales funnel books launched tips a b testing fo
  • ensure success for your business sales funnel books launched tips a b testing fo

Two new books have been launched by Russell Brunson offering business owners insight into how to make the most of their business online, with insight into how to create headlines that attract customers, the benefits of sales funnels, and insider tips on how to successfully start and run businesses online. The first is called Dot Com Secrets, and the second is Funnel University.

More information can be found at: http://FunnelUniversity.FyiFree.com.

Russell has spent over a decade successfully starting businesses of his own and scaling them up to be highly successful. In Dot Com Secrets, he takes the best tips, strategies and insights from each of these successes and showcases them for the reader so they can learn how to make their own companies a success.

It features over 1,000 unique split tests focusing on millions of visitors and details the findings and results in a way that anyone can understand. For many years now he has taught entrepreneurs how to get the most of their business in an increasingly competitive online market.

Full details are available in this free book at: http://DotComSecrets.FyiFree.com.

In Funnel University, a number of other secrets are revealed, including the main three funnel designs that people should pursue for maximum results, and how to work funnels when not all people browse and buy in the same way.

Split tests are used here as well to help to ensure that sites are displaying content that works, and making sure that site owners can get the most out of their products. Sometimes tiny tweaks can have a massive impact on results, whether it's a simple font change, or the placement of an image.

The video training provided can help businesses to take their online content to the next level. Because research shows that over 96% of people who start a video never finish it, it's important how information is presented. In addition to this, 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years.

The training materials provided in both books can help to ensure that readers' businesses succeed where others might fail.

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