Ensure Academic Success With A Tailored Learning System From This Plan Designer

Apr 10, 2024

Help your child become proactive participants in their education with the personalized learning program by Turbo Learner. Developed by Prakash Rao, the holistic education program empowers your child to become a confident learner.

Your child deserves the best—and that includes giving them the best education. But do you know that traditional ways of learning may not be helpful for all children? Some students learn differently, and that’s completely okay! Instead of forcing them to learn “the normal way,” you can help foster a love for learning with a personalized learning plan.

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Creating Super Students

Prakash Rao, founder and learning skills specialist of Turbo Learner, is the creator of the Super Student System, a learning program designed to reshape how students interact with the world of learning.

The Super Student System is used to design customized learning plans based on the strengths and interests of each student. It is built on the foundational pillars of personalized learning strategies, metacognitive skills development, emotional and cognitive wellness, and active learning engagement. These core components empower students to become more active participants in their educational experiences.

If you want your child to:

  • Overcome procrastination
  • Have improved concentration
  • Gain active recall skills
  • Develop better time management

Then this program is perfect!

Step-by-Step Transformation

Going beyond traditional learning methods, Turbo Learner uses a four-step transformation process for students to feel motivated and joyful when studying.

The first step, discovery, and assessment, allows Prakash and his team to determine the student’s unique learning factors, from cognitive styles to emotional triggers. This helps them create a tailored learning plan that will optimize the learning efficiency of the child. From there, students learn to practice these adaptive learning strategies and see tangible improvements in their comprehension, retention, and application of knowledge.

Holistic Student Development

Turbo Learner addresses the “one-size-fits-all” problem with other supplemental educational systems. Rather than forcing children to learn in a specific way, Prakash equips students with the tools they need to become more proactive in their education. The goal of Turbo Learner is to train students to feel more confident in their capabilities and to foster a lifelong love of learning.

The best part is that you significantly reduce the stress experienced by your child! No longer do they have to worry about being “perfect.” They just have to enjoy learning—everything else, from good grades to increased motivation, will naturally follow.

"Turbo Learner's Super Student System can revolutionize your child's educational experience, turning challenges into victories and stress into confidence," Prakash said. "Our program isn't just about improving grades; it's about crafting a personalized learning journey that awakens joy, fosters deep understanding, and builds the resilience your child needs to navigate the complexities of today's academic demands and tomorrow's opportunities."

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