Holistic Personalized 1-On-1 Learning Programs For Middle & High School Students

Apr 30, 2024

Help your child learn faster and become a better student with the personalized learning program offered at Turbo Learner. The multi-award-winning system equips children with the tools they need to become active participants in their education.

It’s time to change the narrative about how students learn. For years, we’ve been taught that there is only one “best” way to understand lessons—and that if a child “fails”, we need to force them to learn “harder”. It is only through sheer force of will that anyone can learn, but is that really true? You know that it’s not, yet why do we still force all our children to follow the same study schedule?

No matter how hard you push, the round peg will never fit the square hole. Let’s try something different at https://bit.ly/3SOEAHZ

Personalized learning platform

Turbo Learner offers personalized learning programs for middle school and high school students.

The personalized learning system harnesses the unique abilities of each child so that they learn faster, understand better, retain information longer, and get better grades. The goal of Turbo Learner is to help students aged 10 to 18 become more proactive participants in their education.

One size fits ONE

Prakash Rao, the founder of Turbo Learner, explains that traditional learning models follow a one-size-fits-all approach, which is not optimal, as every child is unique and learns in a different manner. He notes that at the same time, most children are not aware of their "natural" manner of learning. Turbo Learner treats children as “partners” in the education transaction, recognizing each child’s unique learning skills and teaching them to use them effectively to become active participants in the transfer of knowledge. 

Prakash writes, "Why apply the same methods to different minds? Turbo Learner harnesses each student’s distinct advantages, turning personal traits into powerful tools for learning. We go beyond traditional methods by integrating advanced assessments that pinpoint your child's strongest attributes to create a learning plan that's as unique as they are."

Turbo Learner is a multi-award-winning teaching program that has helped hundreds of children become better students. More specifically, graduates of the Turbo Learner system master the practical application of the skills and techniques they’ve learned in any subject, from mathematics to the social sciences.

With Turbo Learner, you will notice a complete transformation in your child! Not only will they be able to get better grades, but they will develop a lifelong love of learning which will be invaluable in their lives!

Is personalized learning only for struggling students?

Prakash clarifies that his system can be used by any student who is ready to improve their learning processes. Contrary to popular belief, advanced personalized learning is not limited to students who struggle with a single topic. Rather, it is used to change a child’s perception of learning.

Turbo Learner does not rely on rote memorization, which only reflects a surface-level understanding of a subject. Prakash and his team guide students to develop better study habits and comprehend the theoretical aspect of learning so that they start to enjoy the process and become more confident in themselves. This holistic method has a proven track record of equipping students with the tools they need to gain better grades in all their subjects in months.

The best part? Your child gets better grades with less effort and more fun!

All students are given personalized attention with one-on-one service. You can schedule a 30-minute no-obligation discovery call with Prakash Rao at https://bit.ly/3SOEAHZ

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