Enroll For The Top Basics Of Blockchain Online Course On This E-Learning Site

Jul 13, 2021

Do you want to learn the basics of blockchain? Get started by enrolling for online education platform LearnDay’s new introductory course on the innovative database technology!

Are you looking to start a career in blockchain technology? It’s important that you get the fundamentals right and you should sign up for LearnDay’s course to receive reliable information.

The online education platform has announced the launch of a free introductory course on blockchain. The course is primarily taught in the form of explanatory videos.

Go to https://learnday.thinkific.com/courses/introduction-to-blockchain for more information.

The new announcement from LearnDay offers individuals from any background and country the opportunity to understand the basics of a disruptive technology that could potentially be a lucrative career option.

Blockchain, a digital record-keeping technology, is best known for being the backbone of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. However, its use cases go far beyond cryptocurrencies. With its decentralized nature and secure storage structure, blockchain is being implemented in multiple industries for purposes such as supply chain management.

LearnDay’s Introduction to Blockchain course seeks to provide you with a strong foundation if you are interested in capitalizing on the technology’s potential. With professionals in mind, the course offers you insight into job opportunities that could arise as companies increasingly look to hire individuals with knowledge about blockchain.

The course curriculum comprises four modules. The first module is a simple introduction that covers the basics of the technology and its outlook. The second module consists of three lessons that explore the origins of blockchain and discuss where you can find blockchain jobs.

The third module enables you to test your learning with a quiz, while the final module offers you the chance to explore further avenues.

Overall, the course will equip you with the tools needed to identify an entry point into blockchain-related industries such as digital art, decentralized finance, and fintech. Upon completing the course, you can enroll in more advanced courses on LearnDay such as Ethereum Blockchain Application Development.

LearnDay’s online platform aims to disrupt higher education by providing accredited training for regulated industries. With the new announcement, it is continuing to help graduates upgrade their skills for an ever-changing job market.

A satisfied participant said: “Very comprehensive, to-the-point, interesting and relevant case studies. Overall, I felt that the course provided a sufficient foundation to confidently enter this emerging market.”

So explore the future and begin your blockchain journey today by enrolling in LearnDay’s Introduction to Blockchain course.

Visit https://learnday.thinkific.com/courses/introduction-to-blockchain so you can find out more!

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