Enjoy The Uplifting Story On This Dog Lover’s Site Of Corgis Having A Pool Party

May 30, 2020

Looking for an animal narrative to brighten your day? Look no further. My Best Bark has just the story for you! It features Corgis playing at a poolside party.

Who would’ve thought that Corgis could have as much fun as humans? Well check out My Best Bark’s latest story featuring some of the short-legged dog breed enjoying their pool party and cooling down on floaters after a fun time of running around.

Online dog lover’s site My Best Bark has once again released a canine report. The story this time features some Corgis enjoying a fun summery day by the pool.

More information can be found at https://mybestbark.com/corgis-use-floaters-while-enjoying-their-pool-party

The new story, which is written by dog enthusiast Riley Kay, opens with the description of sunny skies, green grass, and weather that is a bit too warm. Though the main focus is on the Corgis, other dog breeds are also present in the setting depicted by the writer. These include Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and one long-haired Chihuahua.

Riley describes the venue as a dog paradise with wooden dog houses and “a brilliant blue swimming pool”. It is in this pool and its nearby surroundings that the main plot takes place.

The story details the Corgis at first having their fill of running as fast as their short legs could take them after which, seemingly in need of cooling down, they headed for the pool for a swim. The scene in the pool, depicted by Riley, showcases the Corgis diving, swimming, and most importantly using the pool floaters to just drift along the water.

Attached to the report is a video that testifies to all that Riley has documented. The scene of the Corgis floating in the pool, using what is used mainly by humans, is the highlight of the story.

The scene portrayed in the video is exactly as the writer skillfully depicted it, bringing the canine party at the dog paradise to life. In it, one can also see the dogs’ “humans” joining in on some of the swim fest fun while recording the event.

The manner in which Riley describes the story’s setting of the article, along with the video’s depiction, is testimony that dogs can have as much fun as their human best friends on hot summer days. Apart from being a dog lover herself, the part-time blogger enjoys and has been sharing high-quality varied content, on the site, consisting of uplifting tales and cute videos featuring different breeds of dogs.

You can click on the link above to read the story for yourself!

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