Enjoy Improved Safety Protection Against COVID-19 With This Hard Hat Face Shield

Feb 15, 2021

Do you want comfortable, all-day protection for improved health and safety while traveling? Check out this new product range today!

You can stay safer during the pandemic with this high-quality new product face shield! Check out the latest offerings from Cap Shield today, and enjoy comfort and flexibility with improved safety.

Cap Shield have launched a new protective face shield for use with hard hats. The online store offers you a variety of personal safety solutions to improve safety while traveling or working.

The newly launched product range provides you with an affordable and comfortable solution to your face-covering needs during the ongoing pandemic.

Joshua Bradshaw saw a need for high quality personal safety equipment for his clients during the pandemic and designed the Cap Shield. He used his vast experience in design, manufacturing and business to bring it into production and has released a selection of Cap Shield products including the Cap Shield for hard hats.

The face shield, which is designed and manufactured in Canada, is a transparent barrier offering a degree of protection against germs. The company recommend using the shield in conjunction with a face mask.

The patent-pending visor-style product is able to be clipped securely onto baseball caps, visor brims and hard hats depending on which product is used.

Made from FDA-approved materials, the shield is light enough to wear comfortably all day long attached to the brim of a hard hat. The shield offers a crystal clear view and covers the face from forehead to chin.

When it is clipped to the front of a standard construction site hard hat, it is held away from the face, making it less claustrophobic. This also means that spectacles can also be worn comfortably.

The company have explained that they designed their face shield to be re-used and it can be gently sanitized on a daily basis. When it is no longer fit for purpose it can then be recycled making it an eco-friendly product.

A customer has said of their experience using the face shield from Cap Shield: “I couldn't recommend this product enough. I work in construction and I needed a face covering that was not only protecting me during the pandemic but also was protecting me from inhaling the spray of harmful chemicals at work.”

Those wising to find out more about Cap Shield’s range of clip-on face shields can contact them at: (604) 371-0509.

Go to https://get.capshield.co/hardhat for all the details you need.

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