Enhance Your Masculinity With These Androstenone Pheromone Soap Bars For Men!

Apr 23, 2021

Looking for a way to naturally attract women? These pheromone-infused soap bars and colognes are exactly what you need!

These revolutionary grooming products have the ability to amplify your masculinity, attractiveness, and charisma!

Grondkye Soap Company has launched an expanded range of all-natural grooming products for men. The company’s Tactical Soap bars are infused with pheromone formulas designed to enhance various aspects of the male psyche.

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With the help of clinical psychologists and pheromone experts, Grondkye Soap Company created its Tactical Soap collection with the intent of making you more attractive to the opposite sex and more conducive to success.

The company’s flagship product Durden includes androstenone, a natural pheromone said to amplify your sexuality, masculinity, mischief, charisma, and non-aggressive dominance.

You can also choose Grondkye Soap Company’s Maverick soap bar, a handmade product with a formula designed to enhance your alpha status, attractiveness to women, playfulness, adventurousness, and charisma.

The retailer’s latest formula, Bond, is a charcoal, musk-scented soap bar that was also created to heighten your alpha status, masculinity, charisma, and attractiveness.

Grondkye Soap Company’s Trifecta 3 Pack includes each of the business’s powerful pheromone soap bars for $29.95. The Trifecta sequel pack features the retailer’s newest fragrances: sandalwood and bourbon, fresh timber, and citrus and hops.

In addition to its Tactical Soap collection, the company offers a range of other pheromone-boosting grooming products, including beard oil and cologne.

The new God of War pheromone-infused beard oil features a calming cedarwood fragrance. With high-quality ingredients such as argan, apricot, and kernel oils, the product efficiently smooths and softens facial hair.

Grondkye Soap Company’s Solid Cologne Pheromone Boosters offer an on-the-go alternative or complement to the retailer’s pheromone soap bars. For the best results, you can apply the cologne to your hot spots, forearms, necks, or beard areas.

The Solid Cologne Pheromone Boosters are available in the classic and sequel Durden, Maverick, and Bond formulas.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We create our product in much the same way a small-batch whiskey distillery or microbrewery does. We believe that the same craft, quality ingredient sourcing and attention to detail can be applied to mens’ grooming products.”

Groom for success with Grondkye Soap Company’s latest collection of pheromone-boosting products!

Want to find out more? Head to https://grondyke-soap-company.myshopify.com/?rfsn=5187674.9100cf!

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