Enhance The Relevance Of Your Local Business With Digital Marketing Services

Nov 30, 2020

Looking to get more phone calls and store visits? This digital marketing company has come up with a highly effective approach to promoting local businesses online.

Local brick and mortar establishments require time-tested promotional tools to attract the attention of consumers in their areas.

L2Z Digital offers a new online marketing solution with the goal of helping these enterprises enhance their online visibility and geo-relevance. Dubbed RingStackr, the aptly-named service endeavors to bring more phone calls and in-store visits to local businesses.

Learn more at https://www.ringstackr.com.

RingStackr serves as a timely offering if you’re hoping to get fast results to combat the financial impact of the current pandemic. With the increasing number of businesses turning to digital marketing to improve their patronage, the service can provide the competitive advantage that you’re after. 

To properly manage expectations, L2Z Digital notes that RingStackr does not use SEO, social media marketing, and backlinks. Instead, it utilizes a proprietary set of refined and powerful strategies that the company has started developing eight years ago.

One of the steps that L2Z Digital takes is creating and optimizing your business listing on Google. As their spokesperson states, “If you own a local business you must be able to be found in the Google My Business Listings. We know how to make your GMB listing get seen in your town for your product or service.”

RingStackr also includes launching email campaigns on your behalf. L2Z Digital has an existing list of more than 100 million opt-in email addresses, which are proven valid and have been categorized according to 700 criteria for precise targeting. The email-based efforts also involve reaching out and reactivating your previous customers.

The online marketing experts also enable you to secure spots on Google’s 3-pack listings and organic results. To achieve this, they carry out an intensive process that requires more than 1,500 steps and 15 hours to complete.

RingStackr is expected to deliver initial results within 48 to 72 hours. Its full benefits, however, may be realized around three to five months after implementation.

Through this new service, L2Z Digital aims to empower local businesses like yours and allow them to thrive despite the challenges that the global health crisis brings.

You may access additional details by visiting the website above.

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