Energy Savings As A Service For Municipalities: Efficient Lighting & HVAC System

Jul 21, 2023

Onsite Utility Services Capital offers an innovative Energy Savings as a Service Solution for municipalities, allowing you to decrease your energy costs without an initial capital investment.

Did you know that the average commercial building wastes around 30% of energy?

As you walk around your municipal building, you’ll probably understand why. Your HVAC system has seen better days and wastes a lot of your budget cooling your building. Your incandescent and fluorescent lights are on when there is nobody in the room. And that leaky toilet or faucet? That’s money going down the drain, literally.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, with a 20% improvement in energy performance, state and local government buildings could save $6 billion annually. But if your municipality has a tight budget, most likely, energy efficiency upgrades are not in it, which creates a vicious circle.

What if you could get those upgrades without making an upfront investment? With Onsite Utility Services Capital, you can.

This energy efficiency business consultancy offers you its Energy Savings as a Service program. They'll help you optimize your electric, water, HVAC, lighting, and air purification systems and achieve cost savings right away, allowing you to redirect financial resources towards other important initiatives.

In addition to the initial capital investment for its installation, energy-efficient equipment requires significant maintenance costs. Onsite Utility Services Capital’s Energy Savings as a Service model allows you to avoid both installation and maintenance costs and enjoy savings from the first day. Following an initial audit of your building’s existing systems, the consultants offer equipment upgrades with no upfront investment. Instead, these costs will be taken from the generated energy savings.

“You enjoy reduced operational costs that come from lower energy utilization, plus no equipment or maintenance expenses - all without spending or risking any of your own capital,” says a representative for the company. “There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expenditure - we make the investment for you.”

With the company's power optimization program, public facilities can save up to 20% of their electricity costs. The solution prevents “overvoltage”, reducing expenses and increasing the useful life of voltage-sensitive equipment. Equipping the building with more energy-efficient lighting systems, together with additional controls and motion sensors, leads to further savings.

Another solution recommended for public facilities is an air purification system upgrade. Using ionization technology, the system removes VOCs, allergens, pathogens, and odors from the air inside the building, creating a safer working environment and improving staff performance and productivity.

About Onsite Utility Services Capital

The company has been serving manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, and other commercial buildings since 1993. In addition to reducing costs, its innovative Energy Savings as a Service model has helped many organizations across the United States meet their ESG goals and reduce their carbon emissions.

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