Easy Free Google Ads Credit 2023 | Best AI-Powered Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns

Dec 13, 2022

Build creative, unique marketing campaigns in minutes using this AI-powered tool, and then get $500 in free credit to launch them with Google Ads. Just fill in a few blanks, and the software does the rest!

Easy Free Google Ads Credit 2023 | Best AI-Powered Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns

Advertising is changing, and in today's fast-paced market, it can be a struggle to keep up.

Having one excellent marketing campaign is no longer enough; you need a different variation for every platform, and if you want to get people's attention, a whole new campaign every week.

That can quickly add up to a considerable expense and cause creative burnout - but it doesn't have to be that way.

Using artificial intelligence that is continuously updated and optimized, called AdCreative, you can generate new, targeted marketing materials with the sole focus of increasing your customer conversions, with practically no effort.

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AdCreative uses a data-driven approach that combines past and current campaign results, as well as customer input, to improve the software’s conversion rate constantly. The program has a free trial version that allows you access to the complete set of AI-powered tools, though you will need to subscribe to get the $500 credit from Google Ads.

You can generate a complete set of marketing materials in approximately two minutes, by answering a few basic questions about your product, where you plan to advertise, and your target audience. The software will automatically choose a tone and presentation length based on these factors, and produce a completed marketing campaign that is ready to share with just a few clicks.

The program can automatically create headlines and content based on your products and target audience, or you can input your own. Media can also be added to the project, either by uploading company logos and images, or by selecting from over 35 million stock images that are included with the software.

AdCreative also comes with a built-in analysis feature that compares the performance of your past ads, and helps you to find the most effective techniques for your niche. Creatives can also be scored by artificial intelligence before they go live, to help determine which ads will be the most cost-effective, with the highest conversion rates.

The software can generate an unlimited number of new creatives, and allows you to choose and download only the options you believe are best suited to your brand. The program is also available as a white-label option for marketing agencies, with a simple process to change the logo and URL for reselling the service to your clients.

A satisfied client said, “One of the biggest challenges with ad creatives is having to make both dozens of design styles to show the client, and then over a dozen aspect variations for the varying platforms. AdCreative removes this challenge in literally a couple of minutes.”

AdCreative can save you hours of frustration, with just a few clicks. Use it to compare your past and future campaigns, find the most effective techniques, and create entirely new campaigns from scratch.

Just don't forget to sign up for the free $500 Google Ads credit, so you can get a headstart on your new campaign.

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