East Memphis Oriental Rug Cleaning Company: Get Professional Care From Experts

Apr 11, 2024

With River City Rug Cleaning (+1-901-341-7847) your oriental rug is in safe hands thanks to their experienced technicians and expert service!

If you're looking for a rug cleaning company that specializes in oriental pieces, you're in the right place. River City Rug Cleaning can protect your rugs, help to restore their beauty and clean them carefully to keep them in the best condition.

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Carefully remove dust & debris

Over the course of years, oriental rugs inevitably accumulate dirt, dust, and other harmful particles that can degrade the fibers, leading to premature aging. River City Rug Cleaning removes these and restores your rug's vibrant colors, extending its lifespan.

During the cleaning, the technicians will also carefully inspect the rug to identify any areas of concern that may require additional attention - a process that can involve color correction, gentle repairs, or moth treatment. “Your oriental rug has intricate patterns and it's important not to damage them,” a spokesperson for the company says. “We will restore the vibrancy of your rug and make the designs pop.”

Eco-friendly, sensitive treatments

Attempting to clean an oriental rug using the same methods as synthetic carpets can lead to irreparable damage, the team explains. River City Rug Cleaning stresses the importance of working with specialist technicians - and offers thorough cleaning, odor, and spot removal services to address specific issues that can detract from the rug's overall appearance.

The experts advise that oriental rugs should be tended to at least once per year - with more regular cleaning if they’re placed in an area of the home that has frequent footfall.

The best local rug care experts

In addition to cleaning and restoration services, the company also provides rug pad installation. These can preserve the integrity of the rugs themselves by reducing wear and tear on the fibers, but also prevent slips, minimize damage to the underlying floor, and enhance comfort underfoot.

“We specialize in oriental rug cleaning, and understand the delicate nature of them,” the spokesperson adds, noting the importance of proper care to ensure the material and design always look their best. “There are many differences between spot cleaning a rug in your home and the different methods and products at our disposal in a professional shop environment. Our trained technicians will work diligently to remove the spot without damaging your rug.”

Do you want to make sure your oriental rugs are in the best condition?

Check out https://www.rivercityrugcleaning.com/ for the best local rug care!

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