Dynamic Sparkling LED Strip Lights With Rainbow Colors Brighten Up Your Home

Oct 24, 2022

America’s favorite home décor and lighting retailer, Emersware, has a new LED lighting solution for your home.

Dynamic Sparkling LED Strip Lights With Rainbow Colors Brighten Up Your Home

You’ll have the brightest and happiest house on the block thanks to Emersware.

Their new LED strip light offers you a fun way to bring light, color, and style to your home. Emersware’s newest creative light solution, the ‘Wi-Fi LED Strip Light 15M RGB Full Set IP20’, has been created to offer your family a unique home experience and a touch of visual magic to brighten any day.

Go to https://emersware.com/product/wifiledstriplight to find out more.

The launch of their beautifying home LED strip lights coincides with a recent article from The Atlantic on the beauty-happiness connection. As the article described, beyond the usual markers of happiness, like family, career, and friends, research has shown that happiness is most easily obtained by living in an aesthetically beautiful place.

Emersware believes similarly, which is why they are focused on creating distinctive home lighting and décor pieces that can brighten up and beautify your living space.

They believe that their new dynamic sparkling strip lights, which use an RGB additive palette to create all the colors of the rainbow, can be placed in any room in your house.

From a technical perspective, the Wi-Fi-connected lights come with a battery-operated remote control and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. You’ll love the fact that the flexible material the LED strip is constructed from means it can be placed around bends and corners, and it comes with self-adhesive tape on one side for easy installation.

Emersware recommends the ‘Wi-Fi LED Strip Light 15M RGB Full Set IP20’ to you if you want to add a colorful visual effect to your home, or if you are the owner of a business or retail space and similarly want to create a dynamic effect.

In addition to their new LED strip lights, you can shop from Emersware’s expansive collection of storage solutions, home lighting, furniture, and décor products. They currently ship across the continental United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

A spokesperson for the e-commerce store said, “We bring colorful visual effects and unique home experiences to families. At our store, you can get RGB lights whose colors can be switched at will, strip lights that create a sense of visual magic, and dynamic sparkling lights. If you have any questions, our amazing support team is here to help.”

Bring a little light and magic to your home with Emersware.

Visit https://emersware.com to purchase your rainbow LED light strip today.

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