Dress Your Kids In Style This Summer With Cute Short-Sleeved Cotton Jumpsuits

Jul 27, 2021

If you want your kids to be the cutest and happiest on the block, New Home and Life Emporium in Newark are offering a range of high-quality summer clothing and toys for babies and children.

New Home and Life Emporium knows that it can be impossible to find time to get to the store and shop for new clothes for yourself or your children. And, in these beautiful, sunny days of summer who would want to? 

That’s why the online family goods retailer based in Newark, New Jersey, has expanded its collection to include a new range for babies and children. They offer clothing, accessories, shoes, and toys for kids that you can have shipped to your door with the click of a finger.  

Go to https://newhomeandlifeemporium.com to find out more. 

The launch coincides with the summer season, with a change in weather necessitating a change in wardrobe for all members of your family. As such, New Home and Life Emporium’s new range of baby and children’s items includes a number of summer-friendly clothing options you are sure to love. 

For girls, one of the popular new additions is their ruffled linen dress which is available in sky blue, deep blue, beige, brown, and black and from sizes 2T to 5. With its natural linen fibers, it is breathable, comfortable, and durable, as well as cute. 

Popular in their new boys’ range are their short-sleeved cotton jumpsuits which come in sets of three in various summery and boyish prints with sizes suitable for newborn baby boys to those aged 12 months. 

New Home and Life Emporium also have a vast collection of children’s footwear designed for summer fun including LED light-up sneakers and mesh hollow sandals, and accessories including backpacks, watches, and themed headphones. 

Their new toy collection features a wide variety of items your children will adore using outdoors this summer, including an outdoor sticky vest game, a hand launch foam flying plane, an RC drone UFO toy, and old-fashioned walkie-talkies. 

In addition to their kids’ line, New Home and Life Emporium continue to retail their full range of clothing, shoes, and accessories for you, the parents, home goods, and electronics. 

New Home and Life Emporium is devoted to providing a high level of customer satisfaction to the families who buy from them. They ship across the continental US and have a generous returns policy. 

A spokesperson for the store said, “At New Home and Life Emporium you will find quality goods for your family and children at great prices.” 

Treat yourself and your kids to some online retail therapy this summer and enjoy a selection of beautiful new clothes, accessories, shoes and toys from New Home and Life Emporium. 

If you’re ready to start shopping visit https://newhomeandlifeemporium.com and place your order today.

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