Dr. Thomas Sharon is Helping Young Adults to Resolve post covid kidney damage

Sep 18, 2022

One Covid complication is kidney failure, which occurs as a result of inflammation of the kidneys due to post covid syndrome. This complication is affecting young adults who are presnting with very high blood pressures

Dr. Thomas Sharon is Helping Young Adults to Resolve post covid kidney damage

While some people recover from Covid without any long-term effects, a alarming percentage of patients experience complications that can be life-threatening. One complications that is presenting in large numbers is kidney failure, which occurs when the virus triggers a cytokine storm that overwhelms the kidneys with inflammation. The first sign of kidney failure is usually an elevation in blood pressure, and young adults are increasingly being diagnosed with this condition after testing positive for Covid. While the exact mechanism is not yet known, it is thought that the virus damage the renal filtration system, resulting in inflammation and constriction of the renal artery branches in the kidneys. With early diagnosis and treatment, patients with Covid-related stage one kidney failure recover fully. However, the condition rapidly detriorates if it goes undetected or untreated.

Dr. Thomas Sharon, one of the leading experts in treatment of Post Covid Syndrome is seeing more than 20 patients per day for covid related disease and 3-4 of them are afflicted with high blood pressure related to Covid-related kidney damage. Dr. Sharon is treating these young adults with a medication called Losartan which helps to dilate the renal arteries allowing more blood to flow through the kidneys. Dr. Sharon all people who have had Covid symptom or have been positive for Covid at any time in the past must check their blood pressures periodically. Dr. Sharon is utilizing AI technology to remotely monitor the patients' blood pressures with a facial scan through the patient's cell phone camera.

High blood pressure due to renal artery constriction is one of several potentially deadly complications of Covid infection and Post Covid Syndrome. Other related problems include, clotting abnormalities, attention deficit disorder, heart damage, and stroke. Dr. Sharon has devised methods of remotely monitoring his patients health. For more information visit https://ingoodhealthpc.com or to book an appointment goto https://provider.kareo.com/dr-thomas-sharon-3

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