Download This Free Pay-As-You-Go CRM VoIP App With Automated Call Transcripts

Mar 11, 2023

Want to work less but earn more? Give your sales teams an app that will revolutionize your CRM performance. Now with extended VoIP features, Bigly Sales gives you all the HubSpot features you love without the huge fees. Download it today!

Download This Free Pay-As-You-Go CRM VoIP App With Automated Call Transcripts

Are you still tied down to an office phone contract? If the landline is cramping your style and you're looking for a new kind of VoIP service, branch out with Bigly Sales!

The customer relationship management (CRM) app comes with various VoIP features for small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing improved functionality for its robust internet-based voice call service. Enjoy a range of call forwarding and conference call features compatible with Android operating systems! The app offers you a unique and affordable alternative to platforms such as HubSpot particularly if you run a smaller company with a modest budget.

Give your business a boost with VoIP versatility from the Bigly Sales CRM app! More details can be found at

Bigly takes an innovative approach to CRM services. The app can be downloaded and used free of charge so you only have to pay for telecommunications costs. This pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to just use the services you need when you need them, reducing outgoing expenses in the process.

In 2018, a Blueface survey revealed that 55% of businesses were already using a mix of internet and legacy on-premise phone services. Global VoIP subscriptions are continuing to increase as both commercial and residential users seek to reduce costs. Data from suggests that savings for businesses using VoIP can be as much as 40% on local calls and 90% for international communications.

In addition to providing you with cost optimization benefits, Bigly's VoIP service allows you to record calls. The app also comes with an automated transcript feature, which enables sales managers to assess and control the quality of agent performance. You can also take advantage of the call forwarding option to ensure that no important communications are missed, as well as record and edit answering service messages.

The VoIP service eliminates the need for a traditional telephone line and the associated line rental costs. You can also expect to see improvements in productivity with a phone service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, widening access to reflect the habits of the modern-day business owner and reducing the need to be in a specific office location during working hours.

The Bigly app also offers you email, SMS, and MMS features. Along with the VoIP function, all communications are displayed in a unified inbox which also provides data tracking and analytics too.

A spokesperson says, “VoIP can help you stay connected with the world. With its cost-effectiveness and convenience, it's no wonder why so many businesses are making the switch to VoIP. It's an excellent way to improve communication while saving money.”

Download Bigly - CRM for small businesses who think BIG! Give your customers a better experience and watch that bottom line grow!

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