Don’t let electromagnetic fields (EMF) harm your health

Sep 2, 2022

Technology innovator, Synergy Science re-masters the Halo Home and Halo Max for better EMF protection. The devices reduce the effects of EMF up to 74%.

Don't let electromagnetic fields (EMF) harm your health

Steadily increasing amounts of non-ionizing radiation generated from technology like cell phones, WiFi routers, and power lines impact human health. This energy is referred to as an electromagnet field (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation. The EMF environment generated from man-made sources can cause oxidative stress, insomnia, and lack of energy in one’s cells. The Halo Home and Halo Max reduce the effects of EMF on people as well as their pets and plants. More details are available at

Halo Home and Halo Max are stationary EMF protection devices formerly known as Qi Home and Qi Max. They are German engineered to depolarize EMF radiation, ultimately reducing exposure and biological side effects. This technology is unique to Halo devices. The home version creates a torus shaped protective field that fills a small home, while the Max version can shield an entire office building. These protective zones are larger than the ones generated by former models.

Shielding versus blocking. Some EMF protective devices like patches, pendants, and paint seek to block EMF radiation. But Paul Barattiero, a health professional and CEO of Synergy Science, says this about Halo technology, “It doesn’t block the EMF radiation. It neutralizes [depolarizes] the radiation within the device’s field.” Furthermore, “We don’t try to harmonize with harmful radiation-we decrease exposure.” That is why technology devices still operate effectively in the protective zone.

The re-mastered device is more effective at reducing EMF exposure. It is proven by a third party study to create a torus-shaped protective field that reduces EMF exposure up to 74%. It is effective against fields including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and even beyond. Placing the device in a home or office alleviates the effects of EMF from a variety of sources.

People who are very sensitive to the oxidative stress of EMFs may experience rapid, detectable relief from symptoms like headache, insomnia, ringing in the ears, tingling skin, and fatigue by using the device. People with low sensitivity are benefited by slowing down cumulative effects. Health conscious parents, informed employers, and green building professionals can create safe spaces for their families and clients by installing a Halo.

The device has been tested in 12 different studies conducted by third parties. Investigations included verification of technical claims and double and triple blind studies to verify biological benefits. Toxicology studies were done by Dartsch Scientific, geopathic disturbances were studied by the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility, and the Federal Communications Commission certified it for safety and compatibility with other electronic devices. This is just a portion of all the research.

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