DIY Essential Oil Spray Blends & Aromatherapy Recipes Freshen Up Your Home!

Apr 9, 2024

Ready to freshen up your home with natural, chemical-free scents? Loving Essential Oils offers a guide on how to make DIY home air freshener sprays with essential oils like peppermint and lemon.

You want your home to smell great - but you can't stand those awful chemical fragrances! Thankfully, you can create your own natural, toxin-free air freshener sprays with help from certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane at Loving Essential Oils.

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Jennifer's guide includes step-by-step blending tips, guidance for usage in your home area, and several recipes you can make yourself with essential oils like lemon, white fir, lavender, grapefruit, tea tree, and Roman chamomile.

With spring cleaning just around the corner, the guide provides a detailed template for you to use natural plant essences as air freshening tools in your personal spaces.

Avoid Chemicals

A recent report from the Washington Post shows that air fresheners can often contain toxic chemical elements and can even cause harm to indoor air quality, leading to a range of health conditions like respiratory illness and hormonal disruptions. With the essential oil DIY guidance from Loving Essential Oils, you can bypass synthetic chemicals entirely.

“Essential oil sprays are a simple and fun way to freshen up your home and incorporate essential oils into your routine,” says certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane. “They can be used to refresh rooms, linens, clothing, and even make great homemade gifts!”

Create Relaxation

Along with being used as air fresheners, the DIY sprays listed in the Loving Essential Oils guide can be applied as facial toners, topical insect repellent, natural deodorants, hand sanitizers, and surface cleaners. A downloadable list of 50 Homemade Essential Oil Sprays is included for your convenience, with detailed instructions.

Jennifer Lane’s Lavender Essential Oil Spray is recommended for your bedroom or other spaces where relaxation is important, as the oil has been associated with creating a calm, soothing space. It can also help keep mosquitoes, moths, and flies at bay.

Eliminate Odors

For germ elimination in your home, the Tea Tree Essential Oil Spray brings an earthy fragrance and is suitable as a food deodorizer, face spritz, or fabric freshener. Tea tree helps inhibit the development of odor-causing bacteria and also helps relieve nasal congestion or allergy symptoms, says Jennifer.

According to the guide, the Peppermint Essential Oil Spray is designed for use after you workout at the gym, during hormonal hot flashes, and as an aid to create greater levels of clarity, focus, and productivity in a workplace setting.

Bring spring scents into your home the natural way with help from Loving Essential Oils!

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