Distributive Marketing – Mobile/Online Business App That Will Rule the Game

Oct 21, 2021

Distributive marketing (Not distributed marketing, that is different), is now streaming through the business world. It is so innovative in the field of online business, that is mind-blowing. Learn more, just read the blog. Or just visit their site. No more banned accounts.

To many people, history is a series of unfortunate events, but to those who’ve been blessed with the gift of vision, it’s expensive tuition. If neither sound especially desirable, then it’s our great displeasure to share with you, you’re not among the gifted few.

Feel free to learn more about what it is meant here: https://cutt.ly/distributivemarketing, or just read this blog.

You see, those who have been blessed with this incredible gift, are able to see today for what it means tomorrow. They see how mobile apps have been made, and how they can be enhanced. They see how former highly engaged customers are now requiring more promo of products, to prevent becoming unengaged customers with extraordinary inefficient PPC. The most gifted we have come across is the founder of Rhino Emancipation.

For reasons unimportant to the next paragraph, we cannot reveal this visionary name. Let’s simply call him Mr. X. What we can do, is share with you, why more new business and small business owners are onboarding with them, every day. Their “secret sauce” if you will, is in inventing distributive marketing like mark Zuckerberg invented social media marketing.

The best is to imagine Robin Hood as a matchmaker between all businesses and nonbusinesses alike, which will get them closest to their business model. Very selectively, they identify and welcome new business owners to join Rhino Emancipation. They then build every business their very own mobile app. For this, each business agrees to contribute a fraction of their former marketing budget for Rhino to then go distribute it to their audience.

Never before, has anyone, distributed 100% of the business marketing budget directly to the audience. Rhino Emancipation is the world’s first paid audience. On top of that, Rhino distributes ownership in the company via stock and ownership in the currency via coin (2023). Meaning, they have cracked the code to the holy grail of the audience.

Imagine your business marketing to millions who are being paid by you and other business owners every month, they are part owners in the entire platform, and they own all the currency… Has there ever been an audience more vested to support your offering? To support you means, they grow their own value ten-fold.

We know why they have been so quiet. Once this genie leaves the lantern, they’ll be no returning to this relic called social media marketing. That’s yesterday. Allow me to ask you one more time, do you have the vision to see tomorrow?

The company had a successful launch week – see the publication and read it here.

Rhino Research LLC is successfully onboarding new partners to Distributive Marketing (not Distributed marketing, that is a different thing), businesses of all sorts, that will use this groundbreaking way of approaching potential customers, for a very low marketing budget. Why is it a low budget? It is low budget as there is no middleman anymore.

Until all the first spots of onboarding are gone, Mr.X will be presenting daily live presentations to all interested parties, especially businesses. There will be all the details there, and anyone can contact and book a call with the founder afterward. There is a real team assisting.

Find out more by booking a spot at: https://cutt.ly/distributivemarketing.

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