Discover The Power Of Positive Educator Student Relationships In This Transformational Teaching Online Course

Dec 28, 2016

Discover the impact of positive relationships between teachers and students in the new online course launched by motivational speaker Mark Anthony Garrett on his website

A new online course has been launched called Building Positive Relationships - Every Child Needs A Champion. Launched by motivational speaker and education consultant Mark Anthony Garrett, it forms part of his new Teachers Are Heroes Academy, a platform that will house a wide range of online courses and motivational content designed to teach and provide cutting edge teaching strategies. In addition to this, it offers motivation for teachers and educators worldwide.

More information can be found at:

Mark Anthony Garrett has become a compelling motivational and self developmental speaker and regularly inspires audiences with high energy talks, seminars and life coaching sessions. Before this, he was a special needs child who's special education teacher inspired him to overcome his academic and emotional challenges by helping Mark believe in himself and to chase his dreams.

Because of this, he has developed his online course program as a way to champion teachers around the world, working with school Principal Stacey Barker to ensure the material is of the highest quality. Together they have a combined 30 years of experience working with children, including some of the most challenging students, and they have discovered that the key is in building relationships.

Both Mark and Stacey have a passion for children and educating others, and they've developed a powerful relationship course with the emphasis on inspiring both teachers and students. The course will take things to the next level for educators and provide them with information and real world examples that they can take back to their classroom and use at school.

The new online course launched by Garrett and Barker is designed to help teachers realize the power of relationships by helping them to build life changing relationships with their students. It was developed to help showcase the positive impact relationships can have on students, and because these days schools are so focused on teaching to the test that it can be a positive experience simply focusing on something that has nothing to do with the curriculum.

Full details of the course are available at:

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