Discover The Foundation For Inspiring Greatness In The Classroom With These Principles Launched By Motivational Speaker Mark Anthony Garrett

Jan 18, 2017

Discover the 7 key principles for helping teachers improve their customer service in the classroom in the new presentations launched by motivational speaker Mark Anthony Garrett, who has earned a reputation as a top speaker and author for his work emphasizing the power of teachers.

Top education motivational speaker and author Mark Anthony Garrett has launched a new set of principles for teachers to improve their customer service in the classroom. Called Great Customer Service in the Classroom – 7 Service Principles to Teach By, the public presentations and keynote speeches aim to empower teachers and inspire them to provide better service for their students.

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Mark Anthony Garrett is a former special needs student who was inspired to believe in himself and transform his life by his teacher. This personal experience forms the basis of all his inspirational work. He has now become one of the most compelling motivational speakers and self development speakers in the country.

Mark has inspired audiences throughout the world with high-energy talks, seminars, training sessions and life coaching sessions, and his book Teachers Are Heroes has helped to propel him to the top of the list as a leading expert within the K-12 education industry.

The customer service principles outlined in Garrett's new presentation focus on helping teachers to develop their skills and offer more of a service based mindset while working in the classroom with their students.

Garrett emphasizes that it's important to remember that the best form of teaching is teaching from the heart with passion and with the right mindset. In addition to promoting customer service mindset among teachers and educators, his new presentation highlights the importance of teachers providing great experiences for students.

The focus of the training is on building and developing mutually beneficial relationships, fostering integrity in their actions and providing excellence in teaching. Garrett says that when the emphasis is put on excellence, that is when teachers can excel.

He says: "When we truly serve our students from this paradigm, we become outstanding role models."

Mark Anthony Garrett's movement has been featured on programs and news outlets like CBS, NBC and ABC, and been discussed in Forbes Magazine. Further details can be found on his official website on the URL above.

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