Discover Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd – The Experts in Pest Examination

Oct 8, 2022

Do you need Palmerston North Pest Control? Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd is an expert & premier pest inspection company in the Manawatu. They offer cost-effective pest control services

Discover Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd - The Experts in Pest Examination

Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd is the trusted choice, for cost-effective pest control for both commercial and residential Palmerston North pest control. With their experience, people can be confident they’re receiving professional, skilled service and advice.

All Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd technicians are knowledgeable and safety conscious, they’re proud of their technicians’ reputation for friendly, reliable, and honest service, and they’re confident that both their products and their services are of the highest standard.

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As a privately owned company, they pride themselves on personal service. While they have the capacity for large-scale commercial projects, they don’t also have large overheads, so these savings are passed on to their clients. People deal directly with the same service technician for each treatment, guaranteeing consistency throughout the pest control programme from someone who fully understands the business requirements.

All the products that they use, are purchased from a leading New Zealand-based, pest control company, and are selected for their safe application as well as effectiveness.

All treatments are professionally applied and are based on synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products they use have been proven safe in sensitive situations over a number of years, and are all registered and approved by ERMA - Environmental Risk Management Authority of New Zealand.

They do ask their customers to make some basic preparations, to ensure safety and to assist with the treatment process:

Put away all food, dishes, utensils and kitchen appliances.

Put away towels, toothbrushes, and toilet paper and put the toilet seat down.

Put away any precious items that may be knocked over.

Put away all children's toys

Put away pet food and water bowls.

Clean and clear any items off the window sills.

Cover fish tanks and turn off the filter.

Cover all beds with a sheet that can be washed later.

Make sure all pets are outside.

Close all the windows.

They stand by all work carried out by a Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd technician. If people are not 100% satisfied with a completed job, they will re-treat the area at no cost.

More than just exterminators, Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd technicians are Manawatu’s pest management professionals and will work to develop ongoing pest management programmes to suit the specific requirements of domestic, business or commercial property to eradicate troublesome bugs, insects, spiders, and rodents.

No matter how big or small the pest problem is, Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd will provide a treatment tailored to the client's requirements.

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