Discover One Of The Oldest Family Owned Corner Grocery Stores In Quincy IL Who Are Famous For Their Take Out Deli Sandwiches At This Website

Aug 9, 2017

Quincy, IL based Winkings Market have announced that they are celebrating their 70th year in business. Winkings Market is one of the oldest family run grocery stores in Quincy and they are known for their deli style sandwiches and brown bag lunches.

It has been announced by Winkings Market that they are celebrating their 70th year in business. The Quincy, IL based grocery store offers groceries, deli food and is the home of the brown bag lunch.

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Winkings Market is the oldest and one of the last locally owned grocery stores in Quincy, Illinois. They are celebrating their 70th year in business and have been continuously run by the same family.

The grocery store is owned by Frank Winking who is the son of the store's founder Richard "Dick" Winking. Dick Winking and Elsie Field began the store as a local neighbourhood corner grocery and have adapted the store as the times have changed.

When the store was originally opened times were different and there were fewer cars on the roads. This meant that local citizens would focus their lives around small businesses, church and schools in their home towns. Small businesses much like Winkings Market.

They explain that they are one of the few remaining "little guys" that are still thriving in business. The store's adaptations over the years have included the addition of take out deli style cut meat sandwiches, home made sandwich spreads, home made soups, salads and party platters. They also explain that they are know as the home of the Quincy, IL brown bag lunch.

The website features a full menu for their take out lunch menu. There is a large range of deli meats to choose from for hand made sandwiches such as salami, chicken breast, corned beef and cheeses such as smokey Swiss, colby jack and bacon cheddar.

There are also hot sandwiches and home made soups, such as chicken noodle soup, are available. There are an assortment of classic sides for customers to choose from, such as coleslaws and potato salads. Home made cheesecakes, cookies, candy and cold drinks also feature.

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