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Sep 28, 2017

Quincy, IL based Winkings Market have announced that they are offering a take out lunch menu. The family run grocery stores offer deli style sandwiches, brown bag lunches and a range of grocery items.

Winkings Market have announced that they offer a take out lunch service to their customers. The Quincy, IL based grocery store offers groceries, deli food and is the home of the brown bag lunch.

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Winkings Market is the oldest locally owned grocery stores in Quincy, IL and have recently celebrated their 70th year in business. The store has been continuously run by the same family and was founded Richard ‘Dick’ Winking and Elsie Feld. The store is now run by Dick’s son Frank.

The store opened as a local corner store in 1948 in a time where local citizens focused their lives around small businesses like Winkings Market. Times have moved on, and the advent of superstores and more cars on the road has meant that smaller businesses have fallen by the wayside. However Winkings Market has been going strong and is still thriving as a local grocery store.

Winkings Market offers a successful and popular take out lunch menu with sandwiches made freshly on the premises. The full menu, available on the website features an array of lunch choices. These include deli style, cut meat sandwiches, homemade sandwich spread fillings, fresh soups and salads.

The home of the brown bag lunch is proud of their deli selection which includes a vast array of meats and cheeses. Meats include corned beef, hard salami, liver cheese, summer sausage, turkey breast, honey ham, roast beef and much more. Cheeses include smoked Gouda, Swiss and Colby Jack.

As well as a wide selection of deli items and fresh, hand made sandwiches, the store also offers desserts, such as brownies, cheesecakes and sundaes. They also have a range of freshly prepared soups, sides and dressings on their takeaway menu.

Those wishing to find out more about Winkings Market and their take out lunch service can visit the website on the link provided above.

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