Discover How Thin Tribe is Increasing Engagement and Conversions for Brands

Jun 20, 2022

AI-Based Conversational Chatbots Add New Levels of Business Engagement

Discover How Thin Tribe is Increasing Engagement and Conversions for Brands

Think Tribe Technologies is introducing AI-based Conversational Chatbots that can increase sales and improve customer engagement without human intervention.

AI-based chatbots offer a highly personalized experience and can engage customers with intelligent and context-relevant communication. They can offer valid responses, collect leads and accomplish front-desk tasks effortlessly.

For eCommerce stores, these conversational chatbots can serve product information in multiple languages. They can facilitate instant transactions and send automated reminders to reduce shopping cart drop-offs.

Zia Manna, Founder, and Director of Think Tribe says, “Through advanced artificial intelligence technology, your chatbot becomes your most approachable and knowledgeable sales assistant. Nudge customers in the right direction with simple natural language and grow revenue, at scale, all day, every day.”

Steve Raju, Founder, and Director of Think Tribe says, “As AI-Based chatbots derive their intelligence from machine learning programs and can be trained with initial data to understand human behavior and different forms of speech. The more diverse data sets the chatbots are fed, the more effective and natural their communication capabilities become.”

Brands can configure AI-based conversational chatbots to gather customer communication from multiple channels and send bulk notifications and messages with just one click. The chatbots can also be trained to offer personalized customer support and improved lead nurturing campaigns, based on chat history, which ultimately boost sales.

Mallesh Reddy, General Manager of Think Tribe Technologies, says “If you manage to get the right information and offers to your potential customers at the right time, you can significantly increase your chances of closing a sale. An AI-Based conversational chatbot will help you do this in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.”

A global survey came to the conclusion that large companies were able to increase their sales by 67 percent with the help of AI-based Conversational Chatbots. It looks like AI-based Chatbots are gradually transforming the contours of customer communication. They are adding a new dimension to different aspects of the industry be it customer service, sales, marketing, and engagement.

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