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May 30, 2020

Do you like to read positive news stories about dogs? Then you’ll love My Best Bark! It’s packed with some of the most heartwarming stories from around the web!

If you love positive pet news and heartwarming dog stories, you’ve come to the right place. My Best Bark has the most uplifting and funny dog articles anywhere on the web!

Now you can learn all about Brodie, the dog with the wonky face who has found his forever home. It’s sure to touch all readers and is the ideal remedy to another lockdown day.

My Best Bark’s latest article focuses on a dog with a wonky face that has been rehoused. It goes into detail on what makes dogs great pets, who Brodie the German Shepherd is, why he became disfigured and how he has found his forever home.

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The article highlights how there are a huge variety of reasons that people love dogs. Dogs are considered love-able and cute by pet enthusiasts all across the world. Each dog has different features and characters that make them unique.

In addition to this, they provide security as well as company. Dogs have been known to help with anxiety and depression due to many reasons, since they need regular attention and walks, which can be as beneficial to the owner as they are to the dog.

My Best Bark explains how Brodie became disfigured with his wonky face. When he was a puppy, Brodie was attacked by his mother. Due to the fact that puppy bones are very soft around the age he was attacked, Brodie developed a permanently disfigured face.

Due to this, it turned out to be exceedingly difficult to find a home for Brodie, because potential families didn’t like the way he looked. Brodie’s new family decided very quickly that they wanted to take him in and rescue him. The article details that his looks didn’t bother them at all. They were drawn to him because of his genuine, fun loving personality and how obedient he was.

My Best Bark is a site with an in-depth focus on dogs and positive canine stories. It offering up-to-date information and stories about unique dogs such as Brodie.

In addition to the articles on the site, there are also dog-related videos and featured posts. These cover popular and compelling topics, such as how one owner learned to reduce their dog’s stress, and how dogs have helped their owner by using a sled to deliver groceries during lockdown.

You can find out more info on the link above!

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