Direct Thermal Paper & Synthetic Labels: Compatible With Multiple Printer Models

Apr 13, 2024

For all of your printing and labeling needs, ID Images (866-516-7300) has your back, no matter what industry you’re in! Check out their direct thermal labels today!

Whether you’re in the business of selling ready-made meals, running a logistics company, or in charge of a healthcare facility, you’ll probably need labels. Sometimes, you’ll need a lot of them, and fast. And ID Images can provide: with their customizable direct thermal labels, they’ll be able to help you meet those needs, no matter what they are!

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The Versatility of Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels employ heat-sensitive materials that react to heat from the printer head. Because of the nature of the technology, they require neither thermal ribbons nor ink or toner cartridges, reducing maintenance costs and allowing for consistent printing quality and quick production. This makes them a versatile option and the preferred choice in many sectors, says ID Images.

If your business isn’t using them yet, you should definitely consider making the switch! Don’t lag behind your competitors!

The ID Images Difference

Thinking of looking for providers? ID Images is one of the best choices out there. Unlike conventional products, the company’s direct thermal labels are designed to be compatible with many printer models. 

They can be used to print: 

  • Barcodes
  • Shipping labels
  • Product labels
  • Prescription information

…among other applications. 

Furthermore, because they enable rapid, high-volume printing, the labels can also be used for: 

  • Patient wristbands
  • Laboratory samples
  • Point-of-sale receipts

And, basically, any other time-sensitive situation you can think of!

Customize Your Labels

When placing an order with ID Images, you can choose from a selection of standard and premium facestock materials. The company’s paper labels are a cost-effective option for general use, and they are suitable for retail and logistics. 

Of course, paper won’t cut it for everything, so if you need labels for manufacturing, outdoor settings, and other harsh environments, you can go for ID Images’ synthetic facestock, which is durable and resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion.

As part of their customization options, ID Images also offers a variety of adhesive systems for both short-term and long-term use. Their removable adhesives have been developed to enable easy repositioning without leaving any residue behind. For long-term use, you can purchase labels with permanent adhesives or freezer-grade adhesives; ID Images recommends these for the automotive industry and food or medical cold storage, respectively. 

The customization doesn’t stop there. You can also request custom colors, sizes, and shapes if you need something that really pops. Regardless of your choice, all products are manufactured with recyclable materials and eco-friendly processes. ID Images also offers specific sustainable options for their direct thermal labels, going in line with their commitment to the environment.

If this is your first rodeo with direct thermal labels, you can request a free sample kit from ID Images. And guess what? You can even customize this kit, just so you can get an idea of what you need for your business. Get a taste of that premium quality, and you’ll see exactly why ID Images stands behind every one of their products!

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