Direct Load Dental Implants Now Available At Leading Remuera, Auckland Dentist

Mar 14, 2024

Auckland: Noble Dental Specialists Remuera – 09 524 2855 – now offers direct load dental implants that can be installed in a single visit, saving you repeated trips to the office and time in the waiting room.

If you have lost – or are about to lose – a tooth, it may be time for a dental implant. But if the very phrase “dental implant” fills you with dread, Noble Dental Specialists Remuera now offers a virtually painless solution.

A One-Visit Solution

Their direct load implants (a.k.a. instant load and rapid set implants) use digital diagnosis and treatment techniques that can give you a full implant in a single visit. That means you can now get both parts of the implant - the replacement tooth and the titanium screw - all in one go!

Learn more about Noble Dental Specialists Remuera's new one-visit implant placements at

When you choose Noble Dental Specialists Remuera's single-visit implant procedure, you won't have to make repeat visits or endure long wait times, which is a significant improvement over older methods. These implants are the only permanent solution to tooth loss, and they'll fit better and more comfortably than dentures.

New Zealand's Dental Crisis

New Zealand’s dental care is currently in crisis, partly due to many Kiwis’ inability to pay the full cost of treatments out of pocket. In April 2022, North & South Magazine reported that 44% of New Zealanders said they avoid making dentist appointments because they're too expensive. The Labor Party had promised to provide emergency dental grants, but, as of the report’s publication, had not yet followed through.

A Noble Solution

Noble Dental Specialists’ leading-edge implant techniques offer more precise, cost-effective solutions to the dental situations fueling this crisis. In the field of implantology, these techniques include digital implant dentistry and bio-enhanced dental implant systems.

The clinic also offers a minimally invasive technique to treat gum disease known as perioscopy. You can find more information about this technique at

A digitally-assisted dental implant offers you many benefits:

  • reduced healing and recovery time,
  • greater long-term stability,
  • and reduced risk of complications.

Your implant will have the appearance, function, and strength of a natural tooth, and you can get it installed quickly, easily, and with much less pain than a surgical implant.

About Noble Dental Specialists Remuera

Noble Dental Specialists’ Remuera clinic is headed by renowned periodontist Dr. Richard Longbottom and his team of dental professionals. The clinic’s periodontists have collectively performed over 10,000 implants and take great pride in restoring patients’ confident smiles.

“I heard about Dr. Longbottom’s new digital implant smile solution and came from the USA to see him,” one happy client said. “I had the surgery done painlessly. The teeth are amazing, and I love my new smile! I can highly recommend Dr. Longbottom and his team!”

Noble Dental Specialists Remuera's one-visit dental implants are the best alternative you'll find to natural teeth or dentures.

To discuss your options with a Noble Dental Specialist, call 09 524 2855, or, if you'd like to learn more, please visit

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