Auckland: Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy & Perioscopy Procedure In Remuera

Nov 22, 2023

Auckland: Noble Dental Specialists Remuera – 09 524 2855 – have new ways to help you keep those pearly whites settled in their moorings with non-invasive periodontal therapies like perioscopy and gum pocket exams.

Don't Let Gingivitis Take The Ginger Out Of Your Smile!

Have you noticed traces of pink or red when you spit out the toothpaste after brushing? If so, that could be a sign of gingivitis. It’s a common, mild condition, but if left untreated, gingivitis could develop into more severe conditions like periodontitis, where the structures supporting the tooth in its socket are affected, leading to tooth loosening or loss.

Not to mention that gingivitis can give you bad breath, an annoying social handicap, and red, swollen gums don’t contribute to the prettiness of your smile.

Noble Dental Specialists Remuera has a solution - they've launched gum treatment therapies that use a fairly new technology known as a perioscope.

Pioneering Perioscopy

This tool provides you with a more cost-effective and less invasive alternative to surgical procedures like gum grafting. Perioscopy uses a miniature camera attached to a small probe, which is carefully maneuvered below your gum line to provide a detailed image of your tooth pocket that helps the periodontist detect signs of gum disease.

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These new tools and procedures allow Noble Dental Specialists Remuera to give you a more thorough gum cleaning that reaches down to the bottom of your tooth pockets. Such technologically assisted deep gum cleaning removes most bacteria, helps your gum heal, and reduces the likelihood of further damage.

A National Problem

Did you know that over 50% of adults in New Zealand have some type of gum disease, and that about 33% live with untreated tooth decay? North & South Magazine has called this situation "a crisis in dental care". It certainly means access to gum disease treatments is absolutely crucial for adults suffering from gingivitis or more advanced conditions.

Perioscopy Provides A Solution

With such prevalence of gum and tooth decay, high-tech procedures like Noble Dental Specialists Remuera’s perioscopy treatments provide a much-needed solution to a nationwide problem.

These treatments also give you superior results to those of traditional scaling and root planing procedures. These are blind procedures that often fail to adequately remove plaque build-up. However, because perioscopy uses a camera to visualize the subgingival area, it is able to remove significantly more plaque, preventing the development of disease conditions.

Stay Squeaky Clean With Check-Ups

If you'd like a periodontal exam to check for gum problems, Noble Dental Specialists Remuera can help you there, too. These exams use a gum probe to measure the depth of the pocket between your teeth and your gums. These check-ups can help prevent your teeth from loosening or becoming dislodged.

Unfortunately, if the loosening goes unchecked, you may need dental implants. If you do need them, the clinic can help you restore your smile and self-confidence. You can get more information about these dental implant services at

About Noble Dental Specialists Remuera

Noble Dental Specialists Remuera is led by Dr. Richard Longbottom, a respected specialist in implant dentistry, perioscopy, and periodontology. His staff consists of highly experienced hygienists, implant coordinators, registered nurses, and other dental specialists. After more than 10,000 successful dental implants, the Noble team is confident they can find a solution to restore any smile.

"Richard was super-friendly and gave me a very thorough explanation of my condition," said one satisfied patient. "He made me feel more comfortable and at ease about my treatment plan going forward. He has a great, friendly team, and I would recommend this practice."

Is gingivitis making you smile gingerly? Noble Dental Specialists Remuera will treat your gingivitis and put the ginger back in your smile!

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