DeSoto Waxing Treatment With Organic & Natural Products For Sensitive Skin

Jan 27, 2023

Bare all with beautiful, hairless skin with Candee Skin (972-217-3179)! The beauty salon gives residents in DeSoto, TX the confidence they need to live life to the fullest – daring, vibrant, and full of life!

DeSoto Waxing Treatment With Organic & Natural Products For Sensitive Skin

Be bold! Be beautiful! Be bare with Candee Skin!

The center helps you achieve your hair-free goals with its trusted Brazilian waxing services! The skincare and beauty center offers hard wax stripless and natural beeswax options.

The waxing service removes hair from the front part of the pubic area, including the vulva and anus. Compared to shaving, waxing has minimal risks of skin irritation and is recommended for those who have sensitive skin.

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Candee Skin is on a mission to help more people feel more confident in their bodies. Waxing removes hair from its roots, causing it to grow back softer and thinner each time. This means that you require less waxing in the future and experience minimal pain during subsequent sessions.

The best part? Waxing prevents ingrown hairs from occurring, which means that your skin remains wonderfully soft and beautiful for weeks!

The waxing salon and skin care center is committed to designing a better experience for its customers. Before any waxing session, you are first given a skin test to determine any possible allergies to the wax. For a more comfortable experience, you should grow out your hair to at least ΒΌ-inch so that all hair is removed.

Want a faster wax? You may exfoliate the area with a mild body scrub to lift the follicles prior to the session, but this is not necessary.

Women may request a Brazilian wax even during their cycle, though they must wear a tampon during the session. Nevertheless, experts recommend that women do not have a wax while menstruating as pain tolerance levels are typically lower during this time.

Candee Skin also offers Bikini and Almost Brazilian waxes.

The salon recommends that you refrain from intense exercise for at least 24 hours after a waxing session. You should likewise wear loose clothing until the redness fades. Those with sensitive skin or prone to ingrown hairs can use the organic soothing oils and lotions offered by the salon. Candee Skin also offers a range of natural facial products, including a Kojic Acid & Organic Turmeric cleanser for dark spots.

Waxing should be performed every 4 weeks.

A spokesperson for the center said, "We are proud to have purposely cultivated an environment that is inclusive and inviting to all while highlighting culture."

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