Delray Beach Businesses Can Improve Brand Visibility With This Content Service

Jul 24, 2023

Is your business not appearing in “near me” searches? KADynamic, LLC, offers a quick and sure fix that will position you as the #1 result for your niche!

They say that if your business is not on Google’s page 1 results, you’re practically invisible. The truth is that if you’re not in the top three results on Google, the chances of getting discovered by potential customers are still pretty slim.

Recognizing the need to level the playing field for small businesses, KADynamic, LLC, is introducing a brand visibility service capable of producing almost immediate improvements in SERP rankings.

The Delray Beach agency is rolling out this unique solution to small businesses in its home city, but it’s open to working with those in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

So if you’re in any of those areas, check out for more info.

According to KADynamic, its service is ideal for businesses that have a local presence and want to appear in “near me” search queries that are related to their niche and location. It said that it understands the need of these businesses to be visible to their audiences, as “near me” type searches have increased by over 900% in the last two years alone.

“If your intended customers are searching locally and your establishment is not showing up as a result, you’re losing revenue daily,” KADynamic founder and chief marketer Kimberly Allen said. “While local SEO can give a much-needed bump in rankings, it will take weeks or months to see this minor improvement.”

KADynamic’s solution was designed to be a more effective alternative to SEO, capable of capturing first-page results at a much faster rate. It achieves this through a content marketing platform that produces branded content at scale, which it then distributes to hundreds of websites with high domain authority.

Each KADynamic campaign produces different types of branded content, including news articles, blogs, videos, podcast audio, slideshows, and infographics. Imagine having the capability to engage with customers at different touchpoints with just one campaign!

But is all this Google friendly?

According to Ms. Allen, her company’s approach not only helps clients achieve web omnipresence in a short time, but it also associates businesses with the qualities that Google looks for when giving a favorable ranking to local businesses, which include relevance, prominence, and proximity—a big “yes” to Google friendliness!

Currently, KADynamic is looking to partner with businesses that have specific service areas, such as restaurants, HVAC contractors, landscapers, dentists, financial advisors, real estate agents and brokers, and general contractors, among other small businesses and professionals.

So if you want to be considered number one in your area, KADynamic can help you grow, scale, and reach your SERP ranking and revenue goals fast and without breaking the proverbial bank.

Discover a new way of content marketing at

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