Deep Transformation Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Holistic Healing in Dubai

Mar 15, 2021

Experience new hypnotherapy healing service in Dubai. Resolve the subconscious roots of your life challenges using the Heart Wisdom Process. Find out more at:

We are excited to launch a new hypnotherapy healing service for clients in Dubai! We are excited to provide clients with a unique Eastern approach blended with hypnosis for trauma, anxiety, and other insecurities using proprietary hypnosis, gentle meditation and self-healing practices!

More information can be found at:

The newly launched service is intended to meet the demand for overwhelming stressors with health, relationship, and work. Our highly trained hypnotherapists can help clients to overcome issues and resolve suffering during these pandemic times.

This holistic healing service provides clients with an alternative to psychotherapy, relationship therapy, and family counseling. It provides individuals and couples with resolution to overcome issues by releasing and reprogramming old unconscious beliefs and behaviors.

Using the guided hypnosis process blended with light meditation and self-healing approaches, our clients are able to resolve deep and complex issues. This approach can potentially save you years and decades of traditional therapy.

The program is designed to lead to permanent transformation. It will teach you how to release old conditioned programs from the body, without rehashing painful old stories.

A key understanding of the program is that it is based on a unique coaching methodology. The program is centered on the idea that pain triggers are held as a subtle tension in the body.

These painful triggers can be released when our hypnotherapy coach guides you to release old conditioning. When you are releasing old beliefs and behaviors, you will actually feel physical change and transformation.

Heart Wisdom Process serves as a bridge for learning and integrating holistic and spiritual concepts from influential self-help personalities such as Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung, Byron Katie, Louis Hay, Bruce Lipton, Tony Robbins, and others. Key topics include addressing the emotional pain body, shadow work, spiritual awakening, suppressed emotions, and the dark night of the soul experiences.

More details can be found on the URL below.

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