Davenport IA Financial Advisor Offers Custom Tax Advantaged Retirement Plans

Jul 18, 2023

With global uncertainty being the norm, a life plan is fast becoming indispensable. And for a well-crafted life plan that leaves little room for error, you have KS Financial Services to rely on.

Despite the economic uncertainties in the US, having a life plan is still leagues better than having no plan at all. And when it comes to retirement or college planning, it pays to get a financial plan that’s purposely crafted with your needs and goals in mind.

This observation is what prompted KS Financial Services to use its financial expertise in creating tailored life plans for individuals and families in its native Davenport, Iowa.

You can learn more at https://www.kellystewartfinancial.com/life-planning/

According to the company, their decision to venture into life planning services is in response to the current state of retirement and college planning in the US.

Take, for instance, a recent report by PWC, which found that “a quarter” of adult Americans have no retirement savings. Moreover, the research firm estimated that the median retirement saving amount will be insufficient to support the average span of retirement, which is about 15 years.

Getting a college education today is not getting any easier either. The ultimate cost of a bachelor’s degree in America may now exceed $500,000, according to the latest estimates of the Education Data Initiative, with costs still increasing by 2% annually.

“These are difficult times, and if you don’t have a plan for yourself and your children, it will be doubly difficult for you and your family in the future,” said Kelly Stewart, founder of KS Financial Services.


If you’re a pre-retiree looking to create a stable source of income after leaving the workforce, KS Financial Services can design a tax-free retirement plan for you that combines “guaranteed” investments with more volatile yet high-return instruments. According to the company, this “set and forget” plan is particularly useful if you’re the type who wants to explore other investments while preparing for retirement.

KS Financial Services also has plans for parents with long-term college goals for their children in the form of life insurance policies. They explain that certain life insurance policies have cash value that you can leverage to obtain cash through a loan or direct withdrawal. “Your child can use the money tax-free to pay for tuition, or if they opt not to go to college or receive a free college education, they can spend it on anything they like,” the company stated on its website.

In addition to college and retirement planning, KS Financial Services can also provide you with advice regarding mortgage payment coverage, short-term health insurance, annuities, and Medicare plans.

So if you’re in Davenport or a nearby area like Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, or Eldridge, get in touch with KS Financial Services at https://www.kellystewartfinancial.com/ to start building your retirement nest egg.

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