Davenport, IA Financial Advisor Offers Life Insurance with Mortgage Protection

Mar 28, 2024

KS Financial Services (563-279-2356) in Davenport, IA, helps you find life insurance with mortgage protection so that you can rest assured that your family and home are protected in the case of the unexpected.

Financial Protection for Your Family

No one wants to think about what will happen after they're gone. But if you have a family that depends on you, you're going to have to plan ahead for what would happen if you got into an accident. With the help of KS Financial Services in Davenport, you can sleep easier at night, knowing you've done what you can to keep your loved ones protected.

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Would your family be able to make mortgage payments without your help? If there's a risk they can't afford it, they might be forced to move, putting them in a stressful situation while still grieving. By getting life insurance with mortgage protection, you can prevent this situation.

Why You Should Get Mortgage Protection

KS Financial Services is a financial and life planning advisor who offers insurance products for various purposes with the aim of securing economic security for clients and their families. By providing mortgage protection plans, the company wants to help you feel safe that they don't have to move in case of an unexpected event.

According to a CNBC article from early 2024, US mortgage rates hit a 20-year high in October 2023 at 8%, and 30-year year fixed rates were still at over 7% in February 2024. This could make it hard, if not impossible, for many families to meet payments in case a spouse passes away or gets incapacitated due to illness. These numbers underline the need for mortgage protection during financially unstable times, especially if you're a family with a big mortgage or a primary breadwinner.

Why Getting Life Insurance When You're Young Is a Smart Move

KS Financial Services offers a flexible, unique home insurance plan tailored to each family's individual needs and situation. The company points out that while you may believe that life insurance is mainly for the elder, accidents can happen at any age, and premiums are typically lower the younger you are when starting the policy.

About KS Financial Services

Kelly Stewart founded KS Financial Services in early 2023 and has personal experiences of how illnesses can eat a family's entire life savings in a few years. With her expertise in financial advisory, she wants to help ordinary people plan their finances and insurance so that they're prepared for accidents and sickness.

"We help you plan for the summit by being prepped and prepared for today, tomorrow, and the future," Stewart said. "We coach you through your own personalized summit plan, we guide you along your personal journey, and we help set anchors for the steep cliffs and rocky paths of life. We desire to help you leave a legacy for future generations."

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