Get Flexible Long-Term Care Policy With Health Insurance Advisor In Davenport IA

Feb 2, 2024

Are you thinking about getting a long-term care insurance? Then KS Financial Services (563-279-2356) in Davenport, IA, can guide you in the choice of good rates and coverage that suits your situation.

Thinking about what will happen if you get really sick can be scary. So why not do what you can to make sure you're protected? With KS Financial Services, you'll get professional advice and access to one-of-a-kind long-term care plans.

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Hoping For The Best But Preparing For The Worst

Naturally, no one wants to imagine what it will be like for their family if they get really ill. But just ignoring it isn't going to make things go away, especially if you're in a risk group for developing a serious condition. 

Long-term care is for people who, for various reasons like age or chronic disease, can't manage their day-to-day tasks independently. By providing Davenport with professional advice to determine a health insurance policy, KS Financial Services wants to ensure that everyone can access dignified care if worse comes to worst.

Things To Have In Mind When Picking Long-Term Care Plan

As a New York Times article explains, a long-term care policy is mainly beneficial for the middle class as Medicare doesn't cover assisted living for people with over $75,000 in assets, including property. However, as the article points out, there are several important aspects to consider, for example, if the benefits are adjusted to inflation, the maximum payout, and if the policy can be shared with a family member.

Long-Term Care To Protect Yourself And Your Family

If you're thinking about getting a long-term care policy, you can contact a representative from KS Financial Services to get an individual assessment on what will affect the rate and what coverage is included. Especially if you believe you are at risk of developing a chronic disease like Alzheimer's, you might want to consider getting a plan that covers assisted living to protect your integrity and relieve your family of the financial burden and responsibility when things worsen.

KS Financial Services Answers All Life Planning Questions

KS Financial Services also offers life planning consultancy, helping with anything from retirement investment advice and life insurance to college savings. With these services, the agency hopes to help Davenport lead happier lives with financial security.

About KS Financial Services

Kelly Stewart founded the agency with the aim of making financial advice and insurance accessible to everyone who wants to protect their assets and work toward financial freedom.

"We help you plan for the summit by being prepped and prepared for today, tomorrow, and the future," said Kelly. "We coach you through your own personalized summit plan, we guide you along your personal journey, and we help set anchors for the steep cliffs and rocky paths of life."

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