Dartmouth, MA Nutrient Infusion Clinic Offers IV Therapy To Support Weight Loss

Jul 5, 2023

For fitness enthusiasts and athletes, hydration, consistent energy levels, and muscle support are particularly crucial. Thrive IV ((508) 848-8089) in Dartmouth, MA offers IV therapy that can give you all this and more.

Does it feel like you're dragging after workouts lately? Maybe your muscles are especially sore or you're feeling depleted? Your body may need an extra vitamin and nutrient boost!

Thrive IV offers nutrient IV therapy to boost physical performance and quicken recovery and can tailor your treatment to match your specific fitness goals and health needs.

Want to learn more? Just go to https://www.thriveiv.net/

✦ IV Therapy For Fitness ✦

Thrive IV offers a variety of vitamin and nutrient combinations for different purposes. An essential part of the practice's fitness support IV therapy is electrolytes, which promote healthy nerve function, regulate the blood's pH balance, help repair damaged muscle tissue, and improve muscle function.

Thrive IV may also include a vitamin B complex. This includes vitamin B1, which is responsible for generating energy from carbohydrates, and Niacin, which also supplies energy and supports fat burning. B12 is another key ingredient in this complex and is crucial for building muscle mass.

Depending on your medical history, fitness goals, and activity level, Thrive IV may also include amino acids, glutathione, or magnesium in your IV treatment. Glutathione can help remove free radicals naturally produced by the body during a workout, and reduce oxidative stress to decrease recovery time after exercise. While amino acids will help you repair, strengthen, and build muscle fibers, magnesium supports cardiovascular health and muscle function.

What's more, receiving these nutrients intravenously boasts a 100% absorption rate, making them more available and effective than oral supplements.

If weight loss is one of your goals, Thrive IV can include vitamins and nutrients that boost your metabolism and support healthy fat-burning as well!

✦ About Thrive IV ✦

In addition to vitamin infusions, Thrive IV also provides ketamine IV therapy for various conditions, including PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and chronic nerve pain. The clinic's leading physician, Dr. Michael Pellegrino, founded the practice with the goal of providing patients with an effective alternative to conventional medications that often cause dependency.

Want to learn more and schedule an appointment with Thrive IV? Get started by visiting https://www.thriveiv.net/

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