Cybersecurity Consulting Firm Offers MIM To Azure AD Database Migration Services

Sep 19, 2023

The EOS date for Microsoft Identity Manager is approaching. The consultants at Azure IAM make switching to a more modern system fast and easy.

For nearly two decades, the world has relied on Microsoft's Identity Manager software as the backbone of cyber security operations for organizations and companies of all sizes. However, the end-of-life date for the much-loved software is approaching, and if your organization still uses the tech, it may be time to consider making the switch to something more modern. However, despite the upcoming end of service for MIM, over 1000 companies migrated to MIM this year alone - a testament to how difficult it will be to replace the system when it is gone.

The process is made especially difficult due to the retirement of Forefront Identity Manager, the tool which was specifically designed to help companies switch from MIM to other Microsoft-compatible systems. The void left by the death of that software has yet to be filled - however, all is not lost.

Azure IAM, the cybersecurity firm trusted by many of the nation's most high-security organizations, has stepped in to help companies who are looking to switch from MIM onto recently developed alternatives. They are capable of manually and losslessly facilitating the switch, meaning all your team needs to do is sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of the upgrade.

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The cybersecurity firm can assist in migration onto software such as SailPoint, which has a collaborative contract with Microsoft, or onto the direct successor to MIM, Microsoft Azure. Both of these software packages can be used to perform many of the same on-premise identity management processes as MIM, though the exact details differ slightly.

Once the migration process is complete, the firm can also assist you in the creation of robust access management ecosystems using a variety of modular Microsoft products. These solutions are ideal for universities and other organizations storing sensitive data, as they can be used to both improve network accountability and defend against cyberattacks.

The certified professionals at Azure IAM are able to implement a versatile range of security solutions built on the back of the Azure AD software, providing administrators with an easy point of entry without sacrificing network integrity. Their firm specializes in passwordless systems and one-time permissions systems, both of which have been proven to significantly decrease the risk of breaches.

Using the systems they can establish, your administrative team will gain the ability to consolidate multiple digital identities across several disparate systems into a single access token which can be used both for activity monitoring and access management purposes. As an added benefit, the end user also experiences fewer security checks as a result of this consolidation.

Remember: millions of dollars and countless man hours are lost every year are lost to hacks and data breaches - don't let your organization be the next victim. Azure IAM specializes in establishing impenetrable digital perimeters that you can rely on, and on top of that, they guarantee a fair price.

The Azure IAM security team is composed of security and access management professionals with over 50 years of industry experience between them. They have expertise in dozens of modern cybersecurity systems including Okta, OpenID, SailPoint, and many others, and possess both MCS and MCSE certifications.

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