Customize Rings With Ethically Sourced Diamonds From This Brampton ON Company

Jun 16, 2021

Looking for the best custom engagement rings in Ontario Canada? Visit Adamas International today to order the personalized jewelry and certified high quality loose diamonds you deserve!

Do you have the perfect design idea for your engagement ring or wedding band? Adamas International crafts personalized diamond rings exactly as you imagine them!

Adamas International, a jewelry company based in Brampton, Ontario, has launched an updated range of personalized jewelry and custom engagement ring design services. The company’s online store is known for its large selection of certified high quality, ethically sourced loose diamonds.

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Adamas International provides you with a simple way to design unique diamond engagement rings for any budget. You can also order coloured gems, wedding bands, hand made rings, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces through the company’s website.

Custom ring orders from Adamas International follow a seven step process known as the Adamas Way. First, a design consultant meets with you virtually or in person to discuss your design ideas and help you create a sketch. The company’s numerous showroom models are available to serve as inspiration during this process.

The Adamas International team can then use the design to create a CAD for you. This visual aid helps you see how the completed piece will appear. The CAD can then be digitally rendered to show the design in your chosen metal before a resin model of the jewelry piece is 3D printed.

To precisely fit the ring to you or the wearer and make your final design adjustments, a silver replica is created. This prototype features cubic zirconia in the same size and shape you have chosen for the diamonds or other precious stones in your design. Finally, the finished ring is crafted by the Adamas International manufacturing team and delivered to you.

Adamas International serves individual customers and retailers to create jewelry that can be customized to any specifications. You can also order from several create your own ring options to personalize a diamond engagement ring to your setting and stone preferences without creating your own unique design.

The company offers you free consultations with their jewelry specialists. You can find more information about Adamas International’s custom jewelry creation process at

A satisfied customer said: “The staff at Adamas are truly unbelievable! They go above and beyond each time. I have dealt with Adamas numerous times while being on the other side of Canada, and each time Adamas delivers effortlessly. All of the jewelry Adamas has custom designed for me is gorgeous and worthy of praise. Definitely my go to!”

Adamas International has the custom ring design services and high quality diamond selection to create the jewelry of your dreams!

Ready to design an engagement ring as unique as you are? Click on to book your free consultation appointment today!

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